45022-Shj-A50 OEM Performance Motorcycle Brake Pad for Honda

Model NO.: 45022-SHJ-A50
Main Market: Mild East
Model Number: 45022-Shj-A50
Warranty: 6 Months
Brand Image: Bjian
MOQ: 1set
Sample: Available
Quality: High
Price: Competitive
Trademark: for Honda
Transport Package: Neutral/Genuine Packing/Customer′ S Request
Specification: normal
Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
45022-SHJ-A50 oem performance motorcycle brake pad for honda
Item name Brake Pad
Car model Ceramic Brake Pads for Lexus
Part number 45022-SHJ-A50
Size Normal size
Unit price  For latest price please feel free to contact us
Quantity The Quantity is unlimted the more quantity the better price
Packing details
A. Neutral packing box
B.According to customer's requirement .
Payment terms Western Union; T/T. 30% deposit .and pay the balance after the goods are all Ready
Delivery time About 7 working days after receiving your payment ,mainly depend on the quantity
1.High quality
2.Reasonable price
3.Good reputation
4.Reliable supplier
5.best after-sale service
6.prompt delivery

 Sales Service: Any information from you will be responded within 24 hours. 
We provide professional After-Sales Service for you! 
Tracking your goods after shipping until you received them satisfyingly!

- Original packing.
- Neutral packing.
- Customers' Demand
Our advantage:
1. All high quality products make customer come back again
2. We receive good reputation from our sincere customer
3. We keep the prompt delivery 
4. We also have the better after-service
5. Supply all kinds of products that suitable for your car
Other models brake pads
OE Model OE Model
04465-02010 ZZE 04465-35290 RZJ120/GRJ120/GSJ15
04465-02220 ZRE15# 04465-42071 RAV4
04465-06090 ACV36 04465-42130 ACA21
04465-06100 GSX30 04465-42140 ACA33
04465-0D020 AXP4# 04465-42180 ACA33
04465-0D050 SCP90 04465-47050 NHW2#
04465-0E020 GSU45 04465-48010 LXS SXV20
04465-0K010 KUN 04465-48150 GSU45
04465-0K020 KUN25 04465-50030 UCF10
04465-0K040 KUN 04465-50130 UCF10
04465-0K090 KUN 04465-52040 2000
04465-0K120 KUN 04465-52070 AXP4#
04465-0K130 KUN15 04465-52240 NCP9#
04465-0K160 IIKUN15 04465-52260 NCP90 ZXP92
04465-0K210 KUN 04465-60010 FZ
04465-0K220 KUN25 04465-60020 FZJ80
04465-0K240 KUN25 04465-60070 F7/8
04465-0K290 KUN15 04465-60120 FZJ100
04465-0W110 UVF46L 04465-60150 UZJ100
04465-12030 AE90 04465-60220 UZJ100
04465-12110 AE10# 04465-60230 UZJ100
04465-12581 AXP40 04465-60280 URJ201
04465-12592 AXP# ZZE# 04465-60320 URJ150
04465-13050 ZZE12# AXP# 04465-FD0000 FD
04465-21010 ST171 04465-YZZ50 AE10#
04465-21030 ZZE122 04465-YZZ51 ST191 45071
04465-26030 RZH104 4Y 04465-YZZ52 JZS133
04465-26240 RZ 04465-YZZ53 FZJ80
04465-26320 RZH10# 04465-YZZ56 YN8#
04465-26370 RCH12 04465-YZZ57 VZJ95
04465-26420 TRH223 04465-YZZ62 YR21
04465-28180 YR21 04465-YZZ63 VCV10
04465-28430 ACR30 04465-YZZ65 TCR1#
04465-28490 ACR30 04465-YZZQ5   
04465-28520 ACR50 04465-33180 ACV40 GXV40 SXV20
04465-30060 JZS133 04465-33210 SXV10
04465-30080 JZS155 04465-33260 ACV30
04465-30330 GRS182 04465-33320 ACV30
04465-30410 URS190 04465-33440 ACV40
04465-33030 GRX122 04465-33450 ACV40 GSV40
04465-33060 VCV10 UCF10 04465-35080 VZJ95 RZJ RZN169
04465-33130 SXV20 04465-35090 RZJ120
04465-35280 VZJ95      

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3. Engine Mounting 
4. Oil Pump,Water Pump,Fan Blade,Fan Clutch 
5. Engine Belt,Timing Belt
Chassis parts:
1.Wheel Bearing.Wheel Hub.Bearing Driveshaft.Cross Spider.Axle Shaft Assembly.
2.Shock absorber,Strut mount,Suspension,Control arm bushing,Ball Joint,Coil spring pad. Cone Bearing. 
3.Brake Master Cylinder,Wheel Cylinder,Brake Disc,Brake Pad,Brake Booster
4.Power Steering Pump,Axial Rod,Tie Rod End,Steering Boot .

Body parts:
1.Air Bag.Head Light.Tail Light.Corner Light.Grill Assembly.Bump.Wiper Linkage.Bonnet.
2.Backup Light.Side Mirror.Door Handle.Bonnet Cable.Fog Light.Turn Signal Light. Window  Lifter.
Electrical parts:
1.Fuel Injector.Ignition Coil.Air Flow Meter.Spark Plug.Starter.Alternator.A/C Compresser. Oxygen sensor.Oil Pressure Sensor.Temperatuer sensor.
2.Knock Sensor.Camshaft Sensor.TPMS Sensor.Crankshaft Sensor.ABS Sensor.Brake Senson.    Window Lifter Switch

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