Advance the reliability of the internal combustion engine technology advancement The 8th internal combustion engine seminar was held in Beijing

On April 13, 2019, the 8th International Symposium on Reliability Technology for Internal Combustion Engines was held in Beijing. More than 1,000 experts, scholars and industry representatives from more than 270 universities, research institutes and enterprises gathered here to discuss the reliability basis of internal combustion engines. Theoretical and key common technology research promotes the progress of China's internal combustion engine reliability technology.

Tan Xuguang, Director of State Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine Reliability Tan Xuguang, Director of State Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine Reliability

The academic event was hosted by the State Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine Reliability. Tan Xuguang, director of the State Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine Reliability, delivered a speech, hoping that this platform can support the innovation and practice of “production, study and research”, provide support for the breakthrough of reliability theory and technology in China's internal combustion engine industry, and save energy for China. The implementation of the platoon and environmental protection strategy plays an important role.

Internal combustion engine conference site Internal combustion engine conference site

Since 2012, the International Symposium on Reliability Technology of Internal Combustion Engines has been successfully held for eight sessions, and its influence has been continuously improved. It has become a well-known international academic exchange platform in the industry.

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