Application of soil moisture and drought management system in the work of saving water and drought

Scientific irrigation of crops in arid regions is generally conducted under the guidance of public opinion forecasting, which effectively promotes the water saving of farmland and increases grain yield. In the process of planting glutinous wheat, the “ground of wheat can't be dry and it has been poured into wheat cultivar” believed in in the past has gradually changed to the method of water logging. The Soil Moisture Management and Drought Management System analyzed the soil moisture content of flood irrigation and forecasting, and found that the method achieved a water saving of 45 cubic meters per mu, and the yield also increased significantly. This is only the water-saving effect of winter wheat, corn, cotton and other crops also have a significant water-saving effect.

The effectiveness of soil moisture refers to whether the soil moisture can be absorbed and utilized by crops and how easy it is to use. When the soil moisture can not meet the needs of the crop, the crop will appear withering. The wilting coefficient is the soil moisture content when the crop is permanently withered, it is the lower limit of the effective moisture content of the soil, the water shortage is The concentrated performance of crop hazards is drought. According to the different causes of drought, it can be divided into atmospheric drought, soil drought and physiological drought. Among them, the frequent occurrence of soil drought in our city is characterized by a lack of effective moisture that can be absorbed and utilized in soil. Root water absorption can not meet the needs of normal transpiration and growth of crops, soil moisture content below the withering coefficient.

The monitoring and supervision of the soil moisture and drought management system found that the implementation of soil moisture monitoring technology not only saves water resources, reduces energy consumption, increases production and income, but also provides valuable experience for the sustainable development of agriculture in order to promote water-saving agriculture. At the same time, public sentiment surveys have become the basic work for resisting and defeating droughts. In the current extreme shortage of water resources, the contradictions between industry and agriculture are very fierce. If the drought comes, it is the peak period of agricultural water use.

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