Brands plundered lubricants to compete on refinement

As the world's second largest consumer of lube oil, the ups and downs of the lubrication industry have affected the nerves of the world's lubrication industry. The past year has passed in 2013, and in the past year, the lube industry has been ups and downs but it is still in turmoil. From the inventory, it is not difficult to find that the Chinese lubricating oil brand is gradually embarking on a fine competition in the face of increasingly fierce domestic and international competition. The concept of “fine competition” was originally proposed by Great Wall Lubricants and was widely recognized by the industry.

Lubricants brand embarked on the road of competition fine <br> <br> The concept that the development of the oil industry as the country with the industry to upgrade its industrial structure, competition between the lubrication industry will focus on the product, brand, Three dimensions of the market. At the product level, guided by innovative technologies, we must also seek diversified, refined and customized solutions that better fit the needs of the market and users. At the brand level, we must find ways to meet the needs of our own development characteristics in the market where our competitors stand. In the market, the problems are concentrated in the aspects of channel construction, after-sales service, planning and deepening of local and international strategies, and breaking up barriers of opponents.

It can be said that 2013 is the first year of refined competition in the lubricants industry, and it is also the rehearsal and preview year for the 2014 fierce competition. The inventory of 2013 may give the lubricant industry a new look for 2014.

Product refinement <br> <br> as the world's largest developing country, China's three major industries, although the proportion of their total imbalance but still huge, oil industry, which also made multiple requirements. A notable example is that with the rapid increase in the number of car ownership in China, the scale of the car's aftermarket has also expanded, and the demand for vehicle oil has gradually increased.

How to launch products that meet market characteristics and user needs according to China's complex and diverse automotive market is an important criterion for testing the strength of a lubricant company. Taking Great Wall Lubricants as an example, in the automotive oil OEM market, Great Wall has established cooperative relationships with 90% of China's mainstream car companies, including foreign brands, and its market share has reached 65%. In terms of high-grade lubricants for vehicles, the Chinese lubricant brands represented by the Great Wall also occupy a place.

Not only that, with the increase in the number of urban cars, under the strong siege of smog weather, exhaust gas purification has become the first issue, Great Wall Lubricants took the opportunity to introduce a "best blue" tail gas purification liquid, the "best blue" was born It is said that the Great Wall responded positively to the improvement of environmental quality in China.

From the deep ploughing of the vehicle oil market to the response to the haze of “best blue” products, Great Wall has achieved local conditions in product development. The mature product strategy should be based on market demand, and the keen sense of the market is an important prerequisite for achieving local conditions. For other lubricated brands, this must be taken into account whether it is expanding locally or internationally.

Running <br> <br> brand in a highly competitive, fast-changing market, the brand is the company's center of gravity to walk upwind, but also business and improve the ability of magic premium product. In recent years, Great Wall Lubricants has continued to promote its brands in high-end media platforms such as CCTV to promote its advantages and achievements in the field of aerospace oil. The private brands represented by Dong Lu lubricants have gradually focused on creating brand influence, and have chosen high-end media such as CCTV to launch branded advertisements.

In the "China's 500 Most Valuable Brand Rankings" published by the World Brand Lab, Great Wall Lubricants won the championship for eight consecutive years, ranking first in China's lubricants industry. In the past 10 years, Great Wall Lubricants has always adhered to the two directions of “brand strength” and “product strength” in the development process, and gradually formed the brand power of aerospace quality as DNA.

It is not difficult to find that the reason why the Great Wall enjoys a good reputation in the Chinese market and is firmly in the forefront of the industry is inextricably linked to its “space quality” brand label. The certification of the strength of the aerospace engineering, which is renowned for its combination of leading technologies, demonstrates the great vision of the Great Wall in brand marketing. At the same time, the Great Wall also knows that only if the brand continues to move upward, can it produce a greater city support, and then consolidate and enhance the image of the industry leader.

Market fine <br> <br> market is to test the product and brand refinement strategy final touchstone. And to analyze this touchstone, we can start with how a brand responds to both internal and external markets.

The internal market, that is, the domestic market, China has always been a key performance growth point for international lubricants manufacturers. In the global economic downturn, Shell, Mobil and other international lubricant manufacturers not only did not shrink the network size in China, but increased In order to enter the Chinese market, the strategic center of gravity is tilted toward China, and localization strategies such as scientific research, manufacturing, and services are gradually being completed. For instance, the launch of Shell's new Zhuhai plant is a significant example.

However, due to the existence of Great Wall and Kunlun, international lubricant manufacturers have lost their absolute dominance in the high-end market. The 2013 customer satisfaction survey results show that Great Wall Lubrication's overall service satisfaction ranks first, ahead of other competing brands, localized and networked comprehensive system service capabilities are verified; in terms of product performance, Great Wall Lubricants' product performance satisfaction exceeds that of the industry. Benchmarking, together with Shell and Mobil, occupy the top three, and its product performance ranks the same with international brands.

The status and role in the international market is an important measure of a brand's strength. In today's economic globalization, China's lubricant industry must inevitably integrate into the international stage of development, and truly build a world map belonging to China's lubricant brands. This requires the emergence of a world-class lubricant brand.

If "fine competition" is the key word for the 2013 lubricants market, the "excellent user experience" will become the outline for the 2014 lubricants market. The latter can be seen as a deep extension of the former. With the increasing trend of lubricating oil consumer products, user experience will become more and more important. The excellent user experience not only comes from product quality, but also includes after-sales support services.

It can be said that whoever masters the "appetite" of Chinese users will be able to become the leading brand in the Chinese market. Through excellent product and service experience as a link to communicate with customers, to deliver their brand spirit to customers, and gradually achieve the penetration of brand value, it will become a brand-new direction for major oil brand market exploration in 2014, and it will also lead to leadership. The only way for the brand.

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