Cabot's two high pigmented carbon blacks are available

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China Drying Network News Cabot Corporation recently launched two new high-pigment carbon blacks, namely the Emperor 1600 and the Emperor1200.

These two new pigments are specifically designed for solvent-based coatings, allowing black coatings to have a higher degree of blackness while exhibiting a blue phase and a stronger hiding power. At present, many existing high-end carbon black pigments usually require long-term grinding in the paint manufacturing process and use expensive dispersants, which limits the ability of the formulation personnel to adjust other properties of the paint. In typical solvent-based coatings with carbon black pigments, the amount of dispersant is typically 60% of the amount of carbon black used. With the use of an Emperor 1600 or 1200 carbon black coating, the amount of dispersant can be reduced to 30%, and the pigment can be quickly dispersed in the paint slurry, thereby reducing the paint cost.

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