Cancellation of agricultural hukou: What are the benefits for farmers?

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] In July 2014, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Further Promoting the Reform of the Household Registration System", stating that "the establishment of a unified urban and rural household registration system, the elimination of the distinction between agricultural and non-agricultural household registration and the resulting blue The type of account such as the Indian account is uniformly registered as a resident account."
Since 2014, the state has proposed to start the reform of the household registration system, cancel the agricultural hukou, and merge the agricultural hukou with the non-agricultural hukou into a resident hukou. After this policy was proposed, in recent years, the provinces have also proposed relevant The reform plan, which also indicates that the days of canceling the agricultural hukou are not far away.

Cancellation of agricultural hukou: What are the benefits for farmers?
After canceling the agricultural hukou, the peasants can obtain the same social benefits as urban residents, including medical care, education, employment, housing, insurance, etc. After the cancellation of the agricultural hukou, the peasants can continue to enjoy the rural land rights and various agricultural subsidies, and cancel the agricultural hukou. After that, farmers are not worried about their children’s hukou problems in urban education.
Indeed, the abolition of agricultural hukou will bring great benefits to farmers and friends, so that many farmers’ friends will voluntarily enter the city and transfer the rural land, so that farmers who receive agricultural subsidies in the future will no longer be farmers. It is the land contractors and land growers, including: large agricultural growers, agricultural cooperatives, agriculture-related enterprises, and so on.
In fact, this is also the main direction for the vigorous development of national agriculture in recent years. From the various agricultural subsidy policies in 2017, it can be seen that the state has invested more in the development of agricultural scale and ecological development, and is eligible for agricultural subsidies. The crowd has also changed from the original land contractor to the actual land grower, and it is impossible to take subsidies without planting land.
According to the direction of promoting farmers to enter the city and promoting rural urbanization, the cancellation of agricultural hukou will inevitably lead to a large number of peasants entering the city, especially after 80 and 90 peasants who will not plant land. Because they have been instilled in the idea of ​​rooting in the city.

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