Agent Wanted Plastic Vacuum Detachable Hopper Loader

OAL- xxS
 OAL: Orste Auto-Loader
 xx: Motor Power (HP)
 S: Separate Type

1.         Microprocessor for ease of use and accurate control.
2.         Stainless hopper receiver ensures no material contamination.
3.         Motor overload protector ensures long service life of motor.
4.         OAL-S loaders adopts stainless steel mesh thus avoids damage to the motor.
5.         Complete safety protection function device, like electricity indicator, phase-reversing alarm, material shortage and motor overloading alarm.
6.         Both micro-switch hopper (OVH) and photo-sensor hopper (OPH) can be directly mounted on the feed port of molding machine.
The control device starts the vacuum motor to take out the air in the hopper, the material valve is closed meanwhile, thus negative pressure is created. With the function of negative pressure, material in the storage tank is delivered to the hopper through material pipe. The vacuum motor stops working when the suction time comes out, the material valve is opened by material, then material falls into injection machine or other equipment.

Model Motor Power Conveying Capacity (kg/hr) Motor Type Vertical Conveying Height (m) Horizontal Distance (m) Power Hopper Capacity (L)
kw hp
OAL-1.5S 1.1 1.5 200 Carbon Brush Type 4 7.5 1, 230VAC, 50/60Hz 7.5
OAL-1S 0.75 1 300 Induction Type 4 8 3, 400VAC, 50/60Hz 7.5
OAL-2S 1.5 2 350 Induction Type 7 20 7.5
OAL-3S 2.25 3 420 Induction Type 9.5 50 7.5
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