China National Nuclear Corporation successfully printed China's first 3D reactor pressure vessel cylinder test piece

Recently, China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute and Southern Additives Technology Co., Ltd. successfully used the self-developed heavy metal 3D printing technology to successfully print out the first ACP100 pressure vessel cylinder test piece in China, marking the application of 3D product for dual-direction small reactor pressure vessel. Take a solid step. The 3D printed test piece weighs 400 kg, and the chemical composition and basic mechanical properties of the test piece meet the requirements of relevant international nuclear power regulations.

The successful printing of the ACP100 pressure vessel cylinder test piece has positive significance for the engineering application of heavy metal 3D printing manufacturing in the field of nuclear power. The application of this technology in the field of nuclear power will greatly shorten the equipment manufacturing cycle, reduce the cost of equipment, improve the quality of equipment and the safety of reactor equipment, improve the design and manufacturing capabilities of nuclear power equipment, the concept of "Made in China 2025" and the "going out of nuclear power" "The implementation of the strategy provides important technical support.

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