Crop nitrogen measurement instrument makes crop nitrogen application more reasonable

In the elemental composition of plants, nitrogen is the most basic material that constitutes a plant. It can be said that without nitrogen, plants cannot produce protein and protoplasm and are less likely to grow healthily. At the same time, nitrogen is the main raw material that constitutes chlorophyll. However, we know that chlorophyll is a necessary substance for photosynthesis. Therefore, as long as nitrogen is supplied, plant growth naturally flourishes, the leaves are generous, the green plants are strong, the rate of results is high, and the grain is full. In modern agriculture, the use of crop nitrogen measurement instruments to accurately determine the nitrogen content of crops is to understand whether the application of nitrogen fertilizer to crops meets the growth needs of crops by understanding the physiological conditions of the plants themselves, and to develop the correct nitrogen fertilizers. Apply the program to make the application of crop nitrogen more reasonable.

Crop nitrogen measuring instrument

In general, excess and deficiency of nitrogen fertilizer will impede the growth of crops. For instance, in the case of Clivia minima, the lack of nitrogen in Clivia will lead to slow growth, short and thin, narrow and thin leaves, late flowering, less fruit set and yellowing of the bottom leaves. However, excessive application of nitrogen fertilizers will cause the leaves to become soft and thin, droop, and weaken the disease resistance, which is prone to pests and diseases. Therefore, for the application of nitrogen fertilizers to crops such as Clivia, it is very important to use the nitrogen measurement instrument for crops to grasp this principle of appropriate amount, and to improve the efficiency of agricultural production and the cultivation of fine plants.
In agricultural production, the main role of nitrogen fertilizer is to promote the rapid growth of plants, leafy and leafy, broad leaf, a significant role in the growth of the leaves, improper or inappropriate application of nitrogen fertilizers may have an impact on plant growth, perhaps through Obviously, it is difficult to see this change, but if you use a plant nitrogen measurement instrument to determine, you can clearly know whether the current crop is nitrogen deficiency or nitrogen exceeds the standard. This will play a very important role in the management of nitrogen fertilizers in scientific crops and in improving the fertilizer efficiency of crops. It will also help to further optimize production processes, increase agricultural production potential, and achieve better agricultural production results.

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