Deep ploughing of user needs Shell Brandy has been adhering to the brand concept for 13 years

In the eyes of ordinary people, truck drivers are a group of people who are on the road all the year round. Because of the timeliness and mobility of transportation, they had to leave the family and sometimes they could not sleep in their own warm bed for months. The complex driving environment on the way allows them not only to face unexpected conditions at high speed but also to cope with bad weather and the environment. Irregular life and poor living habits not only pose serious threats to the health of truck drivers, but also cause more pressure than ordinary people because of long-term and high-intensity work and the lack of family care.
The 7th Shell Launching Ceremony of “Finding the Most Outstanding Tyrant Truck Driver” was successfully held The 7th Shell Launching Ceremony of “Finding the Most Outstanding Tyrant Truck Driver” was successfully held

As the first manufacturer in the industry to put forward the concept of “caring for truck drivers”, Shell Rimula has been adhering to the brand concept “You work hard all the way, I protect all the way” for 13 years. On March 24, 2017, the launching ceremony of the 7th Shell "Find the Most Outstanding Truck Driver" was reopened in Guangzhou. This year, Shell Raptors not only extends the tradition of previous events, but also cares for all aspects of truck drivers with a wealth of activities. It also puts this year's final stage in the fashion capital - Milan, Italy, inviting the final national championship and coming from other countries. The country’s truck drivers competed on the field, providing an excellent display stage for ordinary drivers and at the same time demonstrating the uniqueness of Chinese truck drivers.

Caring for love and making your favorite activities

As the 7th session of Shell's first stop, “Finding the Most Powerful Truck Drivers,” the event site not only showcases Shell's honors, but also represents the performance of the products. It is a three-dimensional display of Shell's leadership for the visitors and truck drivers who are present. Science and technology, but also in the card friends care hut, provides truck drivers with health consulting services, including blood pressure, visual acuity and body composition tests and so on. At the same time, the previous live video around the audience continues to present the wonderful moments of the past six years. So far, Shell Rimba has held the "Search for the most powerful truck driver" campaign in China for seven consecutive years. From Prague in the Czech Republic to Le Mans in France, from London in the United Kingdom to Cape Town in South Africa, Shell Rim has opened up one road after another for users to the heart of their destination, bringing a new experience and in-depth care to the truck driver community. One of the major consumer roadshows welcomed by the truck driver community.

Chinese truck network user representatives participate in on-site activities Chinese truck network user representatives participate in on-site activities

As part of Shell's “Destination in the Heart” brand campaign, Shell Cargo's numerous care activities have brought new opportunities for the life and work of truck drivers. In the "Shell Rim driver care home", Shell Rimba provides professional health experts to help truck drivers to care for their health; 100,000 "dream fund" to help thousands of drivers to reunite with their families and strengthen their bond with their loved ones; With the help of Kinba, you can use your mobile phone's WeChat to share your daily life anytime and anywhere. You can encourage each other to participate in many activities initiated by Shell Rimba.... Through a series of activities, Shell Rimba and truck drivers build deeper emotions. Relevance, full support for truck drivers to complete their dreams to reach their destination.

Abide by your promise and create an unmatched reputation

"You work hard all the way, I protect all the way" is the brand philosophy of Shell Rimba. In addition to truck drivers, the "toil" also includes trucks. "Protection" is the objective and role that Shell Rage has to achieve in order to achieve the two goals. Together, these two have built up the spirit of tyrants. At present, Shell is the world's largest lubricant manufacturer and supplier, as well as the largest imported lubricant brand with the largest sales volume and user base in China. Shell Rimba has a good reputation among truck drivers. According to an independent market survey conducted by the world-renowned consulting and research firm Clariant, Shell Lubricant has ranked first in the world for ten consecutive years. In China, one out of every ten truck drivers is using Shell Rimula lubricants. This achievement is mainly due to the service foundation and leading technology that Shell Rimba has long adhered to.

China Truck Network User Experiences Live Games China Truck Network User Experiences Live Games

In this launching ceremony, Shell Rimba has also set up a special session, inviting successive champions to engage in dialogues with top Shell executives and authoritative media in the industry. As the champion of the National Finals “Find the Most Clean Truck Driver” last year, Master Peng Xiaobo said: “I have been using Shell Rimula lubricants for many years and it has a particularly outstanding performance in improving engine efficiency and saving fuel. I’m The quality of products and service providers are relatively trustworthy. So far, the insulation cups and insulated lunch boxes sent to me by Shell CTM have been kept. These years have been used on the road. “We can get an opportunity for the top leaders of Shell to express their opinions and let Master Peng Shell Cargo's "caring" has a deeper understanding.

Leading technology to create the leading product

The truck driver is the main force of road freight and is also the pillar of hundreds of millions of families. In order to ensure that truck drivers reach their destination safely and smoothly during the entire driving process, at the launching ceremony, the Kinba Synthetic Oil family reappeared. Different from before, Shell Rimula also introduced an entry-level synthetic oil technology product, R5X, to provide truck drivers with more “save money and save money”.

Shell Rimula Synthetic Oil Family is a product line based on Shell's unique high kinetic energy protection technology. It uses synthetic base oil and unique kinetic energy additive formulation technology to actively provide targeted long-term dynamic protection for various parts of the engine to meet different engine operating conditions. Under the lubrication requirements, it always maintains excellent performance and fully releases energy. Longer oil change intervals mean less downtime for the driver, while excellent anti-wear performance ensures durability of the engine, effectively prolongs engine life, reduces maintenance costs, and ensures long-term benefits for the owner.

Shell Rimula has always been committed to being “a lubricant expert around you”, using the best lubricant products to accompany truck drivers all the way to grow and witness their hard work. 2017 Shell has "in search of the most powerful typhoon truck driver" has officially started, the next few months will pass through several cities in Guangzhou, Jinan, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu, a total of 16 large-scale road show. It is hoped that the vast number of truck driver friends will be able to display their skills on the platform built by Shell Raptor with their outstanding skills, winning the tickets for the global finals and reaching Milan, the fashion capital, and comparing with truck drivers from all over the world. Gao Xia, showing the Chinese truck driver's bully in the international arena.

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