Detailed knowledge of electric forklift safety application

At present, the domestic logistics industry is developing very rapidly. Electric forklifts are often used to transport goods in ports, warehouses, and workshops in various regions. This is an important logistics handling equipment. Its equipment is powerful and has a wide range of uses. In an external environment, transportation can be carried out safely and efficiently. However, in the specific operation process must strictly abide by the operating rules of electric forklifts, but also regularly for the forklift tires, power systems and other components for detailed inspection and maintenance, to avoid safety accidents.


The electric forklift must be operated by a professionally trained driver, and must check the forklift's various control devices before proceeding with the construction work. If there is a malfunction or a damage defect, it must be repaired in time to be put into use. And the driver should understand the forklift's specification load in detail, not only to allow the forks to be fully inserted into the bottom of the cargo, but also to ensure that the goods are placed on the forks in a smooth and even manner, and that during the process of transportation, no shaking is unstable. Happening.

In addition, when operating the electric forklift, it is necessary to pay attention to the road conditions. If the road surface of the warehouse and port is smooth, you can start the steering and driving normally. If the road surface is rough or slippery, you must slow down the speed and avoid Turning or braking occurs when slipping and other accidents. If the forklift is driving on a slope, it is particularly necessary to pay attention to the direction of the forklift. There are also cases in which the brakes should be applied to the starting of the slope parking to prevent the vehicle from escaping. After the forklift is carrying the goods, it is necessary to pay attention to pedestrians. When working in warehouses, ports, etc., it is necessary to clean up irrelevant personnel and absolutely no one is allowed to stand on the forks.

In addition, the driver must sit steadily in the cab while operating the forklift, and it is not allowed to control the forklift outside the driver's seat. For places where the goods are piled up at a high level, attention should be paid to the stability of the placement of the goods. Goods that have not yet been fixed or loose may not be conveyed, and the goods may be scattered and accidents may occur during the transportation. When the cargo is completely parked, it must be noted that the fork should be lowered to the ground, and the control handle of the forklift must be placed in the neutral position, and it is determined that the engine has turned off and the power is cut off before the vehicle can be taken off.

EURO Standard water well drilling rig

It is widely applied in the field of geology, metallurgy, coal mine, hydrological and engineering drilling. It can also be used in the fields of superficial-zone petroleum and natural gas mining, mine workings ventilation and water discharge tunnel drilling as well as foundation pile construction in large diameter.

Design and Model Euro Standard Water Well Drilling Rig.

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