Driverless cars will reach 20% in Japan before 2030

Auto Finance Network September 14 hearing, the Japanese government to revive the domestic economy, recently proposed its "fourth-generation industrial revolution" plan. The Japanese government hopes to bring the proportion of driverless cars to 20% by 2030. In other words, one out of five cars does not require anyone to drive.

On Tuesday, the Japan Industrial Structure Committee convened a meeting and at the meeting, a consultant body with the background of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan and the Ministry of Economy and Trade of Japan proposed a proposal containing the above objectives. The Japanese Industrial Structure Committee will propose a detailed action process for regulatory reforms such as driverless vehicle technology, safety, manufacturing, and impact on people’s lives. The relevant action guidelines will be followed by the April edition publication next April. The industrial structure plan was introduced.

Judging from the current plan, before 2020, Japan will approve unmanned cars to drive in certain areas. By 2025, driverless cars can be used throughout Japan.

In order to reduce the mortality rate of car accidents, the problem of inability to enjoy transportation services due to ill health is solved. The Industrial Structure Committee will work with the Ministry of Communications to re-establish relevant laws. In addition, the Industrial Structure Commission will also submit proposals to establish specifications for the testing of certain venues, such as testing unmanned trucks on highways.

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