Drying equipment industry accelerates adjustment of industry and product structure

In the development of modern agriculture, drying equipment has played a certain role. In order to meet the development needs, dryer product upgrades have become an inevitable trend. The upgrade focuses on key functional components and dryer systems. In the drying industry, China's economy-type dryer accounts for nearly 70%, and high-end dryers almost all rely on imports.

Recently, the demand for domestic dryers has risen from 30% to more than 50%. Domestic dryers have used their own functional components to reach more than 60%. The development of the post-drying machine should be based on technological improvement. Innovation should not be repeated. The drying enterprise should improve its ability to respond quickly to the market, seize the opportunity, form its own characteristics, and expand its market share.

In the future development of the drying equipment industry, the breakthrough lies in the development of large-scale, precision, high-speed dryer equipment and dryer systems and functional components, changing the status quo that most large-scale, high-precision dryers rely on imports. Through technological transformation and upgrading, it will follow the market development, seize market opportunities, and increase the proportion of market share in the demand.

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