High-efficiency "Consumer" has been spotted by BES Express for 40 Dongfeng Tianlong flagships.

The speed of domestic express delivery has made many foreign partners envy. Of course, this cannot be separated from the support of logistics vehicles.

On March 29, 2018, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. held a batch delivery ceremony and delivered 40 Dongfeng Tianlong flagship tractors to BES Express. All of these vehicles were matched with the ISZ480 engine, which will inject efficient power into BES Express.

40 Dongfeng Tianlong flagship tractors with Dongfeng Cummins ISZ480 delivered to BES Express 40 Dongfeng Tianlong flagship tractors with Dongfeng Cummins ISZ480 delivered to BES Express

The person in charge of BES Express said: “The special properties of the industry make us very strict with the requirements for express delivery vehicles. The average industry level is that express vehicles will run 350,000-400,000 kilometers each year, and the total mileage will exceed 2 million kilometers before they are gradually replaced. High demands are placed on the quality, power, and fuel consumption of the engine."

In addition, he also stated that “In fact, BES Express and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle have established a cooperative relationship since 2015 and have accumulatively purchased more than 700 Dongfeng windmills over the past three years. The flagship quality of Dongfeng Tianlong is reliable, and we used 2 vehicles to carry out the After two months of trials, we found that the average fuel consumption was only 26.3L, which was comparable to that of foreign brand vehicles, but the vehicle price was half that of the other vehicles. This made us very satisfied, so we purchased 40 units at one time, and future demand will continue. buy."

The express transportation industry has high requirements for the “safety, stability, and high efficiency” of automobiles and engines. Therefore, we have jointly optimized the wind resistance of the entire vehicle with Dongfeng commercial vehicles, and analyzed and optimized the engine power chain of the engine and the engine. Electronic control function calibration optimization.

Vehicles equipped with Cummins C-Link system can easily manage and monitor all vehicles, and can adjust and improve the best driving plan in real time according to the historical operating conditions of the vehicle.

Dongfeng Tianlong flagship delivery vehicle equipped with Dongkang ISZ480 engine lined up Dongfeng Tianlong flagship delivery vehicle equipped with Dongkang ISZ480 engine lined up

Of course, in addition to hardware tuning and improvement, the "software" has been greatly updated, so that these drivers can better understand the performance of the Dongfeng Cummins engine and play a greater energy.

It is the attention to the market and the in-depth understanding of the customer's needs, so the engine produced by Dongfeng Cummins has won a lot of praise in the market. It is believed that in the future cooperation, Dongfeng Cummins will be able to create greater sparks with Best Express and provide the logistics industry with more efficient and stable engines.


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