How long is the life of a car?

Cars, like people, also have longevity. The length of human life is affected by many factors such as genes and health conditions. What factors will influence the length of life of a car?


First, cars are assembly products. It is the various components that are combined in accordance with certain rules. Therefore, the service life and quality of each component will directly and indirectly affect the overall service life of the vehicle. Therefore, from this point of view, when selecting a car, it is necessary to consider the quality of each component. Never choose inferior components because of the small price for the moment.

Second, the service life of a car can also be affected by the driving habits of drivers. For example, for many people, there is no habit of car maintenance, so the service life of such vehicles will be greatly reduced. In fact, cars are just like people and they need some time to maintain them. It is very necessary to properly clean out some of the garbage and waste inside.


Third, the quality and quality of a car are also very important factors that affect its useful life. Simply put, many people will be willing to choose high-end brands when choosing a car brand, such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. On the one hand may be to pursue brand efficiency, but more is a penny-a-goods, such products through the market long-term testing, is a longer service life and quality advantages than other products. Therefore, from this perspective, we choose the market as far as possible when choosing products.

In the end, even the best car will have some breakdowns after a long period of use. Even a very well-maintained car is inevitable. Therefore, if the funds permit, the best way is to replace your car for a new car after a few years or at most a dozen years.

Food Packing Injection Molding Machine

Hydraulic control system
●Efficient and stable servo hydraulic system configuration
●The newly optimized hydraulic pipeline design minimizes the energy loss
●Low noise system design, the use environment is more friendly

●The original imported servo pump improves the performance of the machine

High-strength design of clamping unit-stable and fast

The fully enclosed sheet metal structure of the clamping part meets the requirements of hygiene and temperature control;
The structure design of the composite center pressure template of the thickened T-die, with small deformation;
Multiple core-pulling positions for easy installation; with hot runner control interface, adapt to different molds.
High-efficiency mixing PET special screw, standard ceramic heating ring, significantly increase the melt speed and injection volume, reduce the plasticization temperature and AA value, effectively improve the shrinkage of the product, and improve the transparency.
The design of double shooting and shifting oil cylinders makes the pulling force of the shooting table more uniform and the force is better.
Low-impact oil circuit design, reasonable and neat pipeline layout
The external lubricating oil pump is convenient for daily maintenance.
The variable pump control system saves 20%~30% electricity than the conventional machine; the servo control system saves 30%~50% electricity than the conventional machine
Optional synchronous pressure holding system can increase productivity by 15%~25%

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