How to prevent the headlights from entering the water?

In the rainy season, the headlights of many vehicles will have fog, and even the accumulation of water will cause the lighting effect of the vehicle to decrease. In severe cases, it will lead to complete damage to the lights. What is the cause of the accumulation of water? Simply talk about it.

Leading to flooding the headlights is not only due to seasonal reasons, but also personal factors. The more common ones are the selection of headlights, the inconsistent size of the seals, insufficient glue on the edge of the headlights, and the surrounding environment. In addition, there is a ventilated rubber tube at the rear cover position. The moisture in the air may also enter the headlight to form a water mist from here.

The appropriate precautions include the following:

1 A relatively slight mist can turn on the headlights for 15 to 20 minutes, and the water mist will automatically disappear. If the internal water is severe, it is recommended to change the headlight directly.

2 In order to prevent flooding, apply a layer of glass glue on the crack between the headlight cover and the lens.

3There are also some riders suggested blocking the ventilation pipe with a sponge, it seems that the effect is not bad

The problem of headlights entering the water can not be underestimated, it may lead to short circuit, burned down the imagination of the light bulbs, fuses, lines, etc., thereby affecting the lighting effects of lamps, lamp life, appearance quality will be greatly reduced, maintenance costs will also increase.

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