How to protect vaccines - vaccine refrigerated trucks

Vaccines are special drugs whose properties are easily destroyed by unsuitable temperatures, so vaccines should be stored and transported at an appropriate cold temperature. As a result, a cold-chain industry has emerged, and the whole process of production and use of vaccines should be maintained at the required refrigeration temperature.


Errors in any part of the cold storage process will not only prevent the prevention of infectious diseases, but in severe cases it may also lead to the spread of infectious diseases.

So what are the conditions for refrigerated trucks to store and transport vaccines?

First need a vaccine refrigerator, also known as low temperature refrigerator, vaccine refrigerator. Should be installed in a dry and ventilated room, avoid direct sunlight, away from heating, incubators and so on. There must be a temperature synchronization display on the outside of the refrigerator, and the temperature must be recorded every day.


Next, a vaccine incubator is needed. It is a tool for short-distance delivery and storage of vaccines. There is a need to place ice platoons on the sides and on the bottom. Vaccines are placed in the middle and covered in ice.

Finally, an on-vehicle vaccine cold chain transport box is needed to transport and store vaccines over long distances. Inside the housing needs glove, in order to prevent this the inner wall in contact with the vaccine, the vaccine is to avoid crushing or frozen.

A successful vaccine distribution system has strict requirements for refrigeration and heat preservation during transportation, storage, and other aspects. From the time of manufacture to use, distribution, delivery, and reception are required to perform temperature detection and recording. The delivery car is equipped with cameras and temperature probes, which constantly monitor the vehicle's position and temperature.

The cold chain supporting equipment includes low-temperature cold storage for storing vaccines, quick-freezers, common cold storage, special refrigerators for transporting vaccines, vaccine transport vehicles, refrigerators, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated backpacks, and computers and accessories.

The vaccine is extremely sensitive to temperature, and too high or too low a temperature can affect the quality of the vaccine. Therefore, we must pay special attention to temperature control. Because of its special nature, the storage requirements are very high, and each link may fail due to temperature failure.

Vaccines are a very precious drug for us humans, so we must be vigilant to create a perfect cold chain.

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6). pipe connecting and assembly of inner vessel and outer vessel
7). valves installation
8). perlite filling
9). vacuum-pumping
10). final painting and ready for shipment
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