Inheritance of European heritage - SFH Philippine Red received annual engine technology award

On October 7th, the day before the opening of the 10th China International Combustion Engine and Components Exhibition, the China National Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association and the China Automotive News jointly launched the “2011 Annual Engine” list. A total of six categories and 19 award-winning products were evaluated in this selection activity. The classic Cursor 9 of SFH SAIC Fiat Powertrain Co., Ltd. won the "Technical Leading Engine of the Year" award. This product adopts a third-generation heavy-duty electronically controlled common-rail injection system, and its components are reduced by 10% in compact structure design compared with similar products, ensuring superior power performance, ultra-low noise, and low fuel consumption, in line with the development trend of modern automobiles. And escalating market demand.

Inherit advanced technology, environmental protection core market

The engine is the heart of the car for our body. Only a strong power system can ensure the stable operation of the car. The 2011 World's Best Engine Awards was announced at the engine expo in Stuttgart, Germany. Fiat's newly developed inline two-cylinder Twin Air engine boasts the best engine of the year, the best new engine, the best environment-friendly engine, and the best under 1.0 litre engine. With four awards, Ferrari won two awards for best performance and best engine of 4.0 liters and best high performance engine. The annual International Engine of the Year Awards is the industry's most influential, most consumer-friendly, most instructive, and most professional engine selection event, with a total of 12 awards for Fiat. The Group won 6 awards (Farari belonged to the Fiat Group) and Fiat Group occupied half of the country. FPT Fiat Power Technology Industry has become the world's leading powertrain supplier with a rich product portfolio (5 engines product range, power range from 50hp to 870hp, transmission system maximum torque of 300 to 400Nm) and strong R&D capabilities. one.

SFH Philippine Red has firmly established the belief that it should be a strong driving force. It is a joint venture between SAIC Iveco Commercial Vehicle Investment Co., Ltd., Italy’s FPT Industrial, and Chongqing Machinery & Electric Holdings Co., Ltd. (CQME). Bring Europe's most advanced engine technology, technology and design concepts to China and serve China and the world. SFH Philippine Red inherits the advanced technology and innovative spirit of FPT Fiat Power Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. to continuously develop and produce clean and efficient power products. After 2-3 years of localization, it has been recognized by industry experts, customers and the media.

In order to ensure product quality, SFH Shanghai Philippine Red has introduced FPT Fiat Power Technology's global advanced power technology, effectively used advanced quality, environment and occupational health and safety management systems, and has passed ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007 and ISO/TS16949: 2009 official certificate certification. In terms of production management, SFH Shanghai Philippine Red strictly follows the requirements of FIAT Group's "World Class Advanced Manufacturing (WCM)" to ensure that the engines produced by SFH Philippine Red can be 100% interchangeable with FPT Fiat Power Technologies global factory products. Standards to ensure the export market.

SFH's current product line is mainly Cursor, NEF, F1 three series, product coverage of 3 ~ 8.7 L displacement, power 70 ~ 294kW, maximum torque 350 ~ 1 600 Nm in each series. The company plans to have an annual productivity of 100,000 diesel engines in the initial planning period, and the products will be supplied to domestic and overseas markets. Shang Feihong plans to have a high degree of automation of product assembly lines and machining production lines and improve the logistics and supporting systems.

Since the first engine was put into production in October 2008, it has been three years. As a new force in the industry, the SFH's red power has gradually matured. In the first half of 2011, the company's production and sales of engines have exceeded the million-unit mark, and the company's operations have reached a new level, gradually entering the mainstream market in China.

Chinese and Italian wisdom to create advanced Chinese core

In order to adapt to the Chinese market, SFH Philippine Red made many localization improvements to the engines introduced into the technology. "European version" of the engine into the Chinese market must be "Hanization", this process also spent SFH Shang Fei Hong 2 to 3 years.

Because the development of domestic oil products and other products related to automobile emission standards lags behind, the SFH Philippine red engine must match well with the whole vehicle, allowing users to use it with confidence, and the engine must be adapted for improvement. In order to overcome the "oil and water discontent" of the original model for domestic oil products and eliminate the user's worries, the SFH Philippine Red series engine has been used in complex environments such as oil products, overload, and mountainous areas after entering the country, in engine filters, etc. Many improvements have been made. At present, the localization rate of SFH's Philippine red engine has reached 90%, making the product more competitive in terms of cost and increasing market competitiveness.

SFH Philippine red 4 big technology and other companies are not much difference, but in each process details have their own characteristics. In terms of machining, flexible and modular production is adopted. The distance between the center of cylinders of the engine can be adjusted according to the needs. A variety of engines can be produced on a single production line, achieving intensive investment. In order to ensure product quality, Shang Feihong strictly follows the requirements of the Fiat Group's "World Class Advanced Manufacturing (WCM)" in production management. After investigation, there are very few major faults in the SFH Philip Red engine series, and some minor faults are very well maintained, and SFH Philippine Red has a complete system to ensure that the fault is less and can adapt to all kinds of bad weather .

From the introduction and extension of product platforms to the application of products in different markets, SFH Shanghai Philippine Red has gradually established the goal of “one-stop solution” for the company, covering products such as light trucks, light passengers, heavy trucks and construction machinery. . In response to the Chinese government's call for low-carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and innovation, SFH Shang Feihong recently launched the Cursor13 engine at the Shanghai International Auto Show recently held to further improve the existing product range of SFH's Philippine Red. The new Cursor13 and Cursor9, which has been widely used in domestic and overseas markets, come from the same platform. With leading technology and advanced performance, it far exceeds that of similar products in the industry. It is a product that is designed and developed to ensure future demand. It has set new standards for similar products in the industry. The benchmark for performance and reliability.

At present, the SFH Philippine red engine product in China is still small, but SFH Shang Feihong believes that the service must not be a shortcoming affecting SFH Philippine red product image, but should be the product of the credibility of the support. At present, SFH Shang Feihong is widely laying service points and accumulating service experience. SFH Shanghai Philippine Red's service training center in Shenzhen has been officially launched to implement the company's commitment to service step by step. SFH Shanghai Philippine Red will build its own service network based on the development of the expressway network. So far, the number of service stations that can repair SFH Philippine Red has reached about 500.

Advance technology and create higher value

At present, most of the domestic engine companies are targeting the low-end market. There is still a large gap between the high-power, safety, stability, and emissions requirements and the international advanced level. In the international market, the concept of “green and environmental protection” is constantly being emphasized. Therefore, in foreign countries, diesel engines are commonly used because they are cleaner and more environmentally friendly, exceeding 50% of the market share. At the same time, the new emission standards are constantly improving, and the national engine industry has been constantly updated to meet the latest emission standards. From this it can be seen that in the future, the engine will continue to reduce noise, save energy, and increase the rate of rise.

Before the country 4 standard was announced, SFH had advanced research and development to prepare for higher emissions standards, and this was based on its strong technical backing: the Fiat Group. FPT Fiat Power Technology Industry has 10 global technology R&D centers, and has its own R&D and production base in Europe, China, and North and South America. It develops and supplies the most advanced engines for the world. Its extremely extensive product line and large investment in research and development activities make Fiat Power Technology Industry the most important company in the world of industrial power. This powerful technology backing makes SFH's products more advanced.

SFH's Philippine Red product has low noise and can provide customers with a more comfortable ride experience. The compact design of the product allows the overall size of the engine to be smaller. There are fewer design parts and reduce the customer's maintenance costs. The reliability of the engine is greatly improved, and the fuel consumption is also greatly reduced, which can maximize the benefits of the customer. The classic product CURSOR9 was born in the world's newest generation product platform, achieving the perfect combination of several patented technologies of FPT Fiat Power Technology. This product adopts a third-generation heavy-duty electronically controlled common-rail injection system, and its components are 10% smaller than similar products in a compact structure design. Its superior power performance, ultra-low noise of 3dB (A) or more and lower than similar products. Fuel consumption, etc. have been recognized by the users, and they do not have the expectation. They have won the “2010 Gold Award for Environmental Protection”.

Without innovation, there will be no technological progress. SFH SFH actively responds to the country's call for low-carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, and innovation, and it is in line with the market's strategic goals and strategies under the new situation, with world-leading technology and management experience, rigorous manufacturing production system and globalized services. The concept provides the Chinese market with high-performance, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly green power products to drive the development of the industry. We will realize our commitment to society, contribute the most advanced technology in the Chinese market, and comply with Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5 emissions, environmental protection, heavy, medium, and light full range engines.

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