·Investigation means that the satisfaction of China's own brand car market has risen significantly

According to the 2015 China Automotive Sales Satisfaction Research Report released by JDPower Asia Pacific, an international consumer research organization, the overall satisfaction of luxury cars and mainstream cars in the Chinese market has improved compared with last year, among which the independent brands have made the most progress. The repurchase rate of the same brand of independent brand car buyers is on the rise.
This is the 16th annual report released by China Automotive Sales Satisfaction Research. The study used five factors to measure consumer satisfaction with the new car buying experience using a five-point scale. The report shows that in terms of overall sales satisfaction, the luxury car market averaged 720 points in 2015, an increase of 14 points compared with 2014; the mainstream car market averaged 682 points in 2015, an increase of 11 points compared with 2014.
Compared with other brands in the mainstream car market, self-owned brands have made the most progress, with an increase of 31 points compared with 2014, and contributed the most to the overall satisfaction of the mainstream car market.
The improvement of self-owned brand satisfaction has brought the same brand repurchase rate of self-owned brand owners. The ratio of choosing the same self-owned brand in the second car purchase has been increasing year by year in the past three years, from 7% in 2013. 11% by 2015. However, the same brand repurchase rate for other country brands has declined compared to 2014.
Mei Songlin, the report's publisher and managing director of JDPower Asia Pacific China, said that independent brands have made great efforts to improve sales services, especially focusing on the construction of long-term customer relationships, achieving remarkable results and returns, sales and brand loyalty. There has been considerable progress.
The report shows that independent brands have also made significant progress in establishing long-term and stable customer interactions. 83% of the owner of the new car owner of the self-owned brand said that the dealer had introduced the after-sales service representative to the dealer when he delivered the car. Their satisfaction is 71 points higher than the satisfaction of new car owners who do not enjoy this service.

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