Japan Fukuoka launches LNG power chemical tanker

Japan's Fukuoka Shipbuilding said it has obtained the basic certification (AIP) of the LNG-powered 12,500 DWT chemical tanker from the Norwegian Class (DNV).
The development of the LNG Power Chemical Tanker is the first time in the world to develop a ship that can travel between the European Emission Control Area (ECA) and the European/North American Atlantic route. It has been negotiating with a number of shipping companies.
Fukuoka Shipbuilding has spent about three years developing the LNG power chemical ship (captain and width are 136.4m, 21m respectively). The ship's early investment depreciation period is about 6 years, but it is planned to shorten it to 4 years.
The main engine adopts Wartsila's dual-fuel medium-speed diesel engine '9 L34DF', which can reduce 25% of nitrogen dioxide (CO2), 85% of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and nearly 100% sulfur oxides compared with ordinary ships. (SOx). The fuel bank is the SPB oil depot of IHI Marine United, and the LNG supply system is also jointly developed with IHIMU.

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