LED street lamp development status and future

Whether LEDs can replace traditional luminaires depends on whether the overall performance of LEDs exceeds that of traditional light sources and whether they are cost-effective for a long time. In general, LEDs will likely bring a new revolution to artificial lighting, becoming a new type of light source that fully surpasses existing light sources, with very good development potential and market prospects. LED street lights have been received from the initial row of LEDs can replace traditional lamps, depending on whether the overall performance of LEDs exceeds the traditional light source, whether it has long-term cost-effectiveness. In general, LEDs will likely bring a new revolution to artificial lighting, becoming a new type of light source that fully surpasses existing light sources, with very good development potential and market prospects. LED street lights have been slowly received and tried from the initial rejection, but LED street lights have a long way to go to replace traditional light sources. 1. The difference between LED street lamps and traditional street lamps is different from LED landscape lights that have been fully deployed. High-power road lighting requires wide coverage, large light projection, high uniformity and high heat dissipation requirements. It is the most difficult area for directional LEDs. . Compared with traditional lamps, LED street lamps show different characteristics in four aspects. (1) The structure of the luminaire. (2) Effectiveness. (3) Light color. (iv) Price. Second, the application of LED street lights (A) LED lighting products industry low threshold, quality is uneven, the lowest price bidding material bidding model makes high-quality products without price advantage difficult to be shortlisted. (2) LED products are faster with new speeds, and products of different manufacturers are incompatible with each other, are not interchangeable, and are difficult to repair later. (3) The testing standard means is not mature. So far, there is no authoritative standard testing method for LED products, which makes it difficult for us to select high-quality facilities. (4) Most products require replacement of the whole lamp, and the maintenance cost of the single lamp is about 10 times that of the conventional lamp. (V) In recent years, LED street lighting bidding has been carried out several times in succession, of which the flow label has reached 11 times. The main reason is that the parameters of the manufacturer's weight lamps are not detected by the authoritative testing institutions, which seriously affects the promotion and use of LED street lamps. III. Prospects for LED Street Lights (I) Overall Prospects: Although LEDs have been limited by color and luminous efficiency for many years, due to their long life and high reliability, GaP and GaAsP LEDs have low operating current and can be used with TTL and CMOS data circuits. Many advantages, such as compatibility, have always been favored by users. (II) Breakthrough points in the development process: First, we need the support of industry policies, formulate unified labeling and specifications, and solve the problem of client interchangeability; secondly, solve the problem of improving light efficiency; third, control costs, only control costs can reflect The advantage of cost performance; the fourth is to ensure the working conditions of LED and the technical knowledge of power supply.

City Bus

Buses, city buses, or coach buses , are typical models of large and medium-sized buses in the passenger car category, and are commercial vehicles designed and equipped to specifically address urban and suburban transportation.
From the perspective of design and technical characteristics, buses are different from other large and medium-sized passenger car models (such as long-distance buses, tourist buses, group buses, etc.). This type of vehicle is equipped with passenger seats and passages for passengers to stand and walk. It is required to have a large standing area, wide passages and entrances in the carriage, more than two doors, and low pedals. If it is a suburban bus, because it is mainly used for passenger transportation between cities and towns in the middle distance, there are more seats than city buses, and there should be a luggage compartment or luggage rack.
There are many types of buses, which can be divided into short-distance (in-city) and long-distance (inter-city) buses according to the operating range; according to the type of fuel, they can be divided into fuel, gas and electric buses; according to the model structure The difference can be divided into single-layer, double-layer, articulated bus, etc.
Initially, most city buses were converted from Cargo Truck chassis. Modern city bus chassis are generally designed and manufactured according to the requirements of passenger Cars. All urban buses in developed countries have implemented unmanned ticketing, so they are equipped with cash registers or ticket checking machines. Chinese buses have basically achieved unmanned ticket sales except in suburbs.

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