LED street light saving efficiency reaches 51.03

Many citizens have recently discovered that the night in Zhongshan has changed. It is no longer a faint yellow, but a clearer white. This is the LED energy-saving street lamp renovation project in the central city. It was learned from the Municipal Transportation Group that the first phase has been completed and 35,000 LED street lights have replaced the sodium lamps. It is worth mentioning that the night illumination of the village in the city has been greatly improved, and the residents said that the thieves have come less. The energy saving efficiency of LED street lamps reached 51.03. The renovation of LED street lights in downtown Zhongshan City was launched in October last year. It is under the responsibility of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau. The main business of the project is Zhongshan Transportation Property Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Municipal Transportation Group. The project includes 150 major municipal roads in Shijie, Dongqu, Nanqu and Xiqu (except Shalang) and urban village roads, with a total of 45,000 lamps. The total number of street lighting renovations is about 35,000. It is estimated that the annual electricity saving will be 23.973 million kWh, and the accumulated power saving during the 9-year contract period will reach 216 million kWh. Zhongshan City Traffic Property Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Transportation Material Development Company) introduced that the first phase of 35,000 baht has been installed and is waiting for completion acceptance. According to preliminary calculations, compared with the original power of the original street lamp before the transformation, the total power of the street lamp was 7901350W. After the renovation, the power saving efficiency of the LED street lamp reached 51.03. After the LED street lamp was replaced, the Zhongshan night color became clear and translucent white. For drivers, driving at night is safer. Some of the street lights in the village's old town lanes have been replaced by LEDs. The lanes in this area have been replaced with LED street lights, which can be described by Tongliang. In order to avoid affecting the rest of the surrounding residents, the construction party deliberately took measures to adjust the angle and range of illumination of the lamps. Some police officers revealed that because the lighting was dark, the surveillance probes were too vague and difficult to identify. Now the monitoring effect is much better. According to the introduction of the transportation material company, in order to ensure that the LED street lights are bright enough, they strictly control the product quality, break the routine, introduce engineering supervision in the product procurement project, and implement a report review, two sampling inspection, and three actual measurement systems. Individual areas will be installed, but there are also unexpected problems. Resident @singing, who lives in Lianfeng New Village and Lianbai New Village, said that after the installation, he found that the light in the community was darker. Is it because the concentration of energy-saving lamps is strong, and the scope of light illumination is smaller? In response to this, the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau responded that the number of original sodium lamps in these streets was set less, and there were only three or four buildings apart. There were more blind spots in the lighting. The LED streetlights were replaced on the basis of the original sodium lamps. LED energy-saving street light. According to the explanation of the engineering staff, the LED street light is best installed on the light pole above 4 meters, but some local street lights in the village are directly hung on the wall, and the position is short, which limits the illumination range of the LED light. For some streets with obvious problems, we plan to add some LED street lights to encrypt the layout.


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