Let the AT, MT jealous gearbox so good to use minute to understand AMT gearbox

In the transmission field there is such an "exoticism" that it is manual transmission (MT transmission) but there is no clutch pedal, but also automatic shift. But if we say that it is an automatic transmission (abbreviated as the AT gearbox), the structure in the human bones is still a manual gearbox. It can be said that it is a combination of manual gearbox and automatic gearbox design structure, so it will be connected. The names are each with half of the "gene", it is AMT gearbox.
AMT gearbox shifting mechanism AMT gearbox shifting mechanism

The English name of the AMT gearbox is Automated Mechanical Transmission. If it is translated into Chinese, it can be called an automatic mechanical transmission. In the structure, it can be understood as a clutch and shift fork operated by a hydraulic mechanism of a manual transmission to achieve automatic changeover. files. It sounds awkward, but it is actually a manual transmission with a clutch automatic control system, and the manual shifting operation is given to the hydraulic system. You only need to step on the throttle and everything is left to the trip computer to control it. can.

Say so many people may ask, both manual gearbox and automatic shift, what use it? If so, we take a look at what the AMT gearbox has any advantage.

Fast AMT Transmission Fast AMT Transmission

Advantage 1: Easy operation, fast shifting speed

In fact, for manual gearboxes, cardmates complain that its biggest criticism is that it is too cumbersome to operate. Especially in the areas with multiple detours and mountain roads, various narrow road bends sometimes do not pass in one direction, and back and forth. Switching gears is a kind of rhythm that drives the driver crazy, and this time if it is a vehicle equipped with AMT gearbox, it will save the trouble of frequent shifts.

We use the Fast Transmission AMT gearbox as an example. The Fast Transmission AMT gearbox is equipped with a shift actuator, various sensors and a transmission TCU on the basis of a conventional manual gearbox. When the vehicle needs to shift gears, the TCU will issue instructions to the various actuators according to the current speed, throttle opening, and driver's intention. The clutch separation and combination, shifting and other actions originally completed by the driver are performed by various types of operations. The agency replaced the work and eventually realized automatic transmission shifting.

Moreover, with the development of electronic technology, actuators that previously required hydraulic control have gradually been converted to micro-motor control. The TCU control system can also imitate the best driver's driving, and shift timing can be mastered more accurately and quickly. Doing both improves the ease of operation and avoids the driver's misoperation.

Orman Super Truck with AMT Transmission Orman Super Truck with AMT Transmission

Advantage two: fuel-efficient and durable transmission efficiency

Since it is said that the AMT gearbox is easy to operate and fast to shift. Some cardmates would argue that the convenience of the AT gearbox is not worse than that of the ATM gearbox. So why not choose the AT gearbox? On this point, you have to mention another great advantage of the ATM gearbox.

The gearbox acts as a transmission system. Its main function is to output the power transmitted from the engine to the transmission shaft, and to use different gear ratios between the gears to match the engine speed with the tire rotation speed to adapt to different vehicle speed ranges. However, the complicated gear transmission will lose some power. For the MT gearbox, due to its relatively simple structure, it will bring great advantages in terms of transmission efficiency.

ZF TraXon gearbox ZF TraXon gearbox

The construction of the AMT gearbox consists of an MT gearbox + mechanical control system, which is essentially an MT gearbox, and the mechanical control system does not participate in power transmission, so its power transmission losses are very small. For example, the TraXon gearbox from ZF has a transmission efficiency of up to 99.7 % which can transfer almost all of its power to the wheels. Compared to the MT gearbox, the shift logic controlled by the trip computer is able to reduce the fuel consumption to lowest.

In addition, because the AMT gearbox still evolved from the MT gearbox in structure, it inherited the MT gearbox's strong durability and easy maintenance.

At present, the penetration rate of China's AMT gearbox in the commercial vehicle sector is far lower than that of Europe and the United States, but host companies led by China National Heavy Duty Truck, FAW Jiefang and Shaanxi Auto Heavy Duty Truck have equipped AMT gearboxes for their key models and obtained User feedback is also very good. It is believed that under the current trend of reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the transportation industry, AMT gearboxes can really shine.


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