Listen to the "Made in China" in the mouth of the NPC deputies

China’s manufacturing has always been our pride, and it has also been criticized. It has become synonymous with poor quality and low prices. With the weakening of China’s demographic dividend, China’s manufacturing status has also received threats. At the two conferences, representatives have He expressed his opinion on the rise of Chinese manufacturing.

NPC deputies talk about China's manufacturing industry: domestic manufacturers can't make German kitchen knives. "A lot of people like to buy German kitchen utensils such as kitchen knives. Many of the steels they use are provided by us, but domestic manufacturers cannot create such knives. The labor force needs to be accumulated from generation to generation. Occupational skills training should be grasped immediately. Otherwise, the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry will be empty talk."

Listen to the "Made in China" in the mouth of the NPC deputies

- He Wenbo, deputy to the National People's Congress and general manager of Baosteel Group, pointed out that one of the major constraints facing China's manufacturing industry today is the serious lack of skilled workers.

Do not let the technicians miss the Chinese manufacturing "throat"

A few days ago, NPC deputy and He Wenbo, general manager of Baosteel Group, expressed emotion at the delegation meeting of the Shanghai Delegation. “A lot of people like to buy German kitchen utensils such as pans and kitchen knives. Many of these products are provided by China, but domestic manufacturers It is impossible to make such a pot and knife." In this regard, I feel deeply touched.

At present, China has become a big manufacturing country, but we are not yet a manufacturing powerhouse. One of the important reasons is the backward production process. With the same raw materials, equipment and technologies, domestic companies cannot produce high-quality products. Behind this is the lack of our highly skilled industrial workers.

In my opinion, the so-called "labor shortage" is actually a "worker shortage." At present, Dr. Yi Xun, mechanics are difficult to recruit, and it is very common for fitters to find jobs. The main reason is that many people do not want to be mechanics and think that the skilled workers have low social status and low salary. In order to change this situation, Galanz has made some efforts in recent years. For example, it initiated the "all-staff technicalization" strategic project, hand in hand to the National Baijia Vocational and Technical College, and established "green trains" for vocational education and enterprise development. However, the hard work of enterprises alone is not enough. The whole society must also establish the mainstream values ​​of "labor glorious" and "technician is talent" and form a social atmosphere of "not just academic qualifications and ability", so that the technicians have a head and a head There is a head of the new blue-collar who is knowledge-based, technology-based, and innovative.

It is hoped that on behalf of the members, more attention will be given to the cultivation of skilled workers in China. It is also hoped that relevant departments will introduce more effective policies and expedite their implementation. This is of great significance for upgrading China’s labor force's employment and entrepreneurial abilities, industrial quality, and overall national strength.

Yuan Liqun, deputy to the National People's Congress, suggested that it is necessary to step up efforts to crack down on “famous brand names” and “Made in China” should be “created in China,” and that the protection of intellectual property rights is of utmost importance. As an important asset of a company, a trademark is also a consumer’s cognitive foundation for the company. However, in recent years, unscrupulous merchants have been prone to infringements of “brand-name” infringements of large-brand trademarks, spreading domestic and overseas markets, not only greatly damaging the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, but also causing damage to the “Made in China” national brand reputation. Severe erosion.

Yuan Liqun, deputy to the National People's Congress, Midea Group Director and senior vice president, said that "highly counterfeiting" is no less than "completely counterfeiting" for consumers and trademark right holders, but the current punitive measures and efforts for "highly counterfeiting" are limited.

Yuan Liqun suggested that China should further increase its emphasis on the protection of trademark rights of national brands, strengthen the punishment for infringing trademark rights, increase the illegal cost of illegal traders, and recommend that the implementation of highly similar "indecent brand" infringements be repeated. Criminal strikes to purify the market.

The country has repeatedly emphasized independent innovation, highlighted innovation-driven development strategies, and raised the ability to enhance independent innovation to an unprecedented height. Yuan Liqun emphasized that severely cracking down on “infamous brand-name” infringements allows brand-name enterprises of brand-name companies to receive high-standard protection. Only in this way can industry culture that respects innovation, is willing to innovate, and enjoys innovation be truly established, and the entire society will spring up in innovation. arrival.

Professional talent education is related to the future made in China. "We must put professional education in a prominent position, speed up the formulation of the "Professional Education Law," and take the employment-oriented approach." At the Beijing delegation group discussion, deputies to the National People's Congress, vice minister of human resources and social security Wang Xiaochu said: "We must pay attention to the development of vocational education, increase the overall planning of the municipal government, and establish a modern vocational education system." In an Anhui delegation group discussion, Xie Guangxiang, deputy to the National People's Congress and deputy governor of Anhui Province, said.

What causes everyone to talk about "professional education"? Ni Yongpei, president of the National People's Congress and president of Anhui Yingjia Group, made one point out of his remark: "Vocational education is about manufacturing in China and it is about who will make China in the future."

China's manufacturing industry is relatively backward and there is a large gap between the developed countries such as the United States, Germany, and Japan. To change this situation, China’s education should change its thinking. The number of skilled workers in China is now relatively low, and many colleges do not want to be workers after graduating. However, in developed countries, like the United States and Canada, many people are willing to go. When skilled workers, blue-collar workers earn very high income, senior blue-collar workers earn more than white-collar workers.

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