Making driving more comfortable Eaton introduces the new Endurant automatic transmission to the Chinese market

The Shanghai International Auto Show is the second day of the opening day. Eaton Cummins Automatic Transmission Technology announced today that it will introduce its advanced Endurant 12-speed automatic transmission (AMT) including retarders and power take-off options for the Chinese market. Features.

Fang Jie, President of Eaton Vehicle Group Fang Jie, President of Eaton Vehicle Group

Charles Master, president of Eaton Cummins Automatic Transmission Technology, said: "The demand for AMT in China's commercial vehicle market is growing. Endurant gearboxes provide us with tremendous opportunities to meet customer needs and help Chinese OEMs respond to upcoming releases. The emissions regulations play a key role. The Endurant gearbox will provide the industry with the best performance, reliability, fuel efficiency, and less maintenance and driving comfort.

Eaton Endurant gearbox Eaton Endurant gearbox

At present, AMT's share of the Chinese commercial vehicle market is small, but Eaton Cummins Automatic Transmission Technology has seen an opportunity for growth. According to Master, the speed of adopting AMT in the Chinese market will be faster and faster. He pointed out that the same conditions that have driven the growth of the North American automatic transmission market are now also emerging in China, such as the lack of drivers who will operate manual transmissions and the emission regulations and performance requirements that drive the growth of the automatic transmission market.

The Endurant gearbox is the lightest and most efficient (2650Nm) heavy-duty transmission on the market today and is designed for long-haul applications. For the team, weight loss and efficiency can guarantee the profitability of the team. Enduran has proven to be a success in the North American market, with more than 50,000 units operational since its launch 18 months ago, demonstrating high reliability.

The Endurant gearbox weighs 49 kg less than the AMT of other high-end competing products (with retarder) and has the following features and benefits:

A smooth and advanced shifting strategy improves the driver's driving experience.

Predictive shifting using forward-looking technology to perform shift decisions improves fuel efficiency and driver comfort.

The industry-specific transmission oil pressure sensor can notify the driver when the oil level is low to prevent the internal gear shaft from ablation; the oil quantity requirement is 30-50% than the competing product, and the oil change interval is longer than the competition product 25- 90%.

Make full use of the retarder to help the vehicle decelerate braking on mountain sections.

The rear PTO opening is designed to power other additional ancillary equipment.

Internal electrical system wiring minimizes wire and connector exposure and corrosion for improved reliability.

In China, Eaton Cummins Automatic Transmission Technology will benefit from both the service and support, technical expertise and deep integration knowledge of the powertrain to provide users with a unique and superior product and user experience.

Eaton Cummins Automatic Transmission Technology is a joint venture between Eaton and Cummins, each holding a 50% stake in the joint venture. The global joint venture produces and markets its proprietary, industry-leading next-generation mid-size and heavy-duty transmissions worldwide and promotes sales and support of Eaton's existing medium and heavy-duty transmissions.

Reading volume: Source: Chinese network of truck: Lin Lu

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