Mobile shower - let the bath "so easy"

More and more friends have already felt unbelievable about the functions of these special vehicles. There are still mobile showers. It is incredible. It is reported that the U.S. is trying to turn a retired bus into a mobile shower car . This warming move has once again caught the US in the wind of the Internet. Everyone hopes to see the mobile shower car in more cities! Let's look at mobile showers!

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The mobile shower adopts chassis power generation and external power supply. Through domestic advanced water purification treatment system and atmospheric heating system for oil-fired heating water, a thermostatic shower and emergency drinking water purification are realized. By automating the diesel boiler, heating can be achieved in 15 minutes to 42°C while meeting the needs of an 8-person shower. The shower is made of composite insulation board, which effectively improves the internal insulation of the compartment. The shower head adopts infrared sensor control to effectively improve the use efficiency and water saving requirements. In the shower room, auxiliary equipment such as LED lights, ventilation fans, and folding seats are also installed. In the case of water-contaminated mobile showers or water sources, mobile showers provide a continuous supply of showers, purified water, storage, and transportation of domestic water. This vehicle-mounted water purification system uses the most advanced full-membrane process. It adopts one-button automatic control mode, featuring stable operation, reliable performance and high degree of automation. After purification, the water quality can meet the national standards for drinking water.

The mobile shower car is equipped with a 3-ton water storage tank, which collects and purifies the sewage, realizes recycling, and can provide 200 person-times of showering requirements for one-time water storage; or use on-board water purification and circulation equipment to satisfy 5-10 people in the water-free source area for 30 days. The needs of life, to achieve remote remote water supply. It can fully meet the needs of the armed police force, field operations personnel, and government emergency response.

Single Side Lapping Machine

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