One step ahead of Futian unmanned truck midway test

At present, the new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes in the world are still in the ascendant. Scientific and technological innovation is advancing at an accelerating pace. It has deeply integrated and widely penetrated into all aspects of human society and has become a dominant force in reshaping the world pattern and creating the future of mankind. At the same time, China’s innovation and development are also accelerating. In particular, the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry is even more urgent.
Information networks, biotechnology, clean energy, new materials and advanced manufacturing are nurturing a series of disruptive technologies with major industrial transformation prospects. With the continuous improvement of human capabilities in data identification, processing, and control, it further promotes the acceleration of the automobile industry technology. Intelligentization has become the new “industrial revolution” following mechanization, electrification, and automation.
Fu Qing Automotive Vice President, Executive Vice President of the Commercial Vehicles Group and Director of Engineering Research Institute Chen Qingshan said: “For Foton Motors, we have already seen this trend and have already done a good job in strategic layout and technology reserves. Foton Motor has the ability to Willingness to become a leader in smart commercial vehicles in China."

Launching unmanned trucks in the lead of international giants

The 100-year history of the world’s automotive development has witnessed the gradual improvement of people’s freedom to expand space and time. However, with more and more road vehicles, congested traffic, polluted atmosphere, depleted energy, and potential dangers, the global automotive industry faces the same demand for clean, efficient, and intelligent upgrades. This change will not only affect the future of human life, but also include the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature.
Before the surge of changes, the popularization of smart devices represented by driverless vehicles provides the Internet+ development from the interconnection of people, people, things, things and people, and services. Richer and more efficient tools and platforms. According to data from the Boston Consulting Group in the United States, the market size of the driverless car is expected to reach US$42 billion. In 2025, 18 million vehicles in the world will be partially unmanned and 12 million vehicles will be completely unmanned. China is the largest market. .

Profound insight and insight into the huge prospects of driverless cars. International truck giants Daimler, Volvo, Iveco and Scania have unveiled unmanned trucks. In November 2016, Foton Motors was leading domestic sales in Shanghai. The first truck that can realize automatic driving, the blank of the Chinese automobile industry in the field of driverless vehicles was officially declared filled.
Foton unmanned truck equipped with "iFoton" car networking cloud platform to achieve real-time communication with external information; in terms of perception, the use of radar plus camera to identify the surrounding environment, fusion of high-precision maps to achieve vehicle positioning; independent research and development control strategy to complete the driving process, The integration of low-carbon, information, and intelligent core technologies is realized. In the middle of this year, Foton unmanned trucks will test the actual road conditions.
Compared with passenger vehicles, the application of unmanned technology in the commercial vehicle field has more significant and far-reaching significance. Driverless technology will bring direct benefits to users of the logistics industry in terms of transportation costs and operational efficiency, reduce the weight of people in freight transportation, reduce safety risks, realize unmanned logistics, and effectively improve road safety operation quality.
Chen Qingshan said: "To promote the upgrading of China's commercial vehicle technology, to take due social responsibilities, and to improve the quality of products for users, Foton Commercial Vehicles has taken the lead in making breakthroughs in technology and bringing together scientific and technological innovation in all aspects. , to create a series of super trucks to achieve a complete breakthrough in fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and freight efficiency."

Global Collaborative Innovation Shows Collaborative Smart Manufacturing Outcomes

In the past “12th Five-Year Plan” period, Foton Motor established a two-level research and development system, and the accumulated investment in science and technology exceeded the 10 billion yuan mark, constantly breaking through the technological innovation model, and driving the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Among them, Futian Super Truck, represented by unmanned trucks, became the best footnote for Foton Motor's innovative design achievements at the organizational level.
“Only by acting alone, the enterprise cannot stand bravely.” According to Zhao Jingguang, vice president and news spokesman of Foton Commercial Vehicles Group, “according to the cask theory, Foton Motor started to innovate from the value chain and integrate the best resources in the world. For my use and innovation."
Foton Super Trucks was launched in 2009 by the U.S. Department of Energy's "Super Truck Program". It is Foton Motors, which works with Cummins of the United States and Daimler Germany, to integrate global automotive resources including ZF, Continental, and Bosch through smart driving and new Energy and car networking, creating a green, energy-efficient, safe and intelligent super truck product.
Futian Super Truck aims to reduce fuel consumption by 30%, reduce carbon emissions by 30%, and increase freight efficiency by 70%, and through joint cooperation with Internet giants such as Baidu in the area of ​​car networking, big data, smart cars and driverless vehicles. Create a smart, connected car for the future.
At present, Foton Super Trucks has formed a complete platform design and evolution path. The product line of the project covers Fuman Automotive's Auman, Ouma, and Olympian product platforms. It will focus on green trucks and car networking, and will be modularized through platform design. , ultra-low wind resistance design and lightweight design, forming the main three major solutions to the path, and with conventional efficient power, hybrid, efficient AMT, assisted driving systems, fleet management, cargo matching and other nine advanced technologies as the support.
Futian Motor plans to develop unmanned products for special vehicles such as passenger cars and sanitation on the basis of level 3 autopilot technology by further integrating global technology, and is committed to promoting China through three core technologies: inter-vehicle networking, autopilot and new energy. The commercial automotive industry has achieved a technological leap.
Chen Qingshan said, “Futian Automobile, as a leader in commercial vehicles in China, responds to the new challenges of commercial vehicles through technological innovation, caters to the development trend of automobiles, and considers the characteristics and needs of commercial vehicles, in terms of energy saving, new energy, intelligence, and networking. Breakthroughs, leading products with technology and building industry-leading commercial vehicle products.”
As the representative of China's own auto brands, Foton Motors has been accelerating the process of green intelligent upgrade of products, breaking the bottleneck of traditional manufacturing with the concept of digitalization, networking, and intelligence, and focusing on the integration of informatization and industrialization focusing on intelligent manufacturing. In the global competition arena, it will play a strong voice in the development of China's commercial vehicle industry and create the right to speak in the Chinese auto industry.


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