Protective clothing design principles and safe use

With the reform and opening up of China's economic construction, the deepening reform of protective clothing is also imperative. How to make the reform of protective clothing meet the requirements of safe production and meet the requirements of workers' safety and health. This article intends to clarify the direction of protective clothing reform from the aspects of classification, design principles, and functions of protective clothing.

First, the classification, function and safe use of protective clothing

Protective clothing is divided into general protective clothing and special protective clothing. General protective clothing refers to the clothing worn during the production labor to prevent dirt, prevent mechanical wear, and prevent twisting. The styles include upper and lower body suits, jumpsuit styles, coat styles, vests, bib pants, aprons, and anti-clothing. General protective clothing fabrics are relatively wide range, pure cotton cloth, cotton cloth, blended fabric can be, textile fabrics, knitted fabrics are also suitable for production. With the development of China's textile industry, the development of new fibers and new materials with different colors are available for general protective clothing fabrics. From the functional point of view, general protective clothing can be divided into prevention of foreign body damage to the human body, protection of personal clothing by the defacement and protection of product quality or workplace clean and sanitary, such as precision instrument work clothes, medical health services, research clothes, food Hygienic clothing, diet service clothes, etc. Special protective clothing refers to all kinds of protective clothing that can avoid casualties and reduce occupational hazards in the work environment that directly threatens the safety and health of workers.

The style of special protective clothing is the same as that of general protective clothing. However, special protective clothing for certain types of work should include hats, gloves, foot covers, and shawls, such as high-temperature radiation protection clothing and shielding protective clothing. The fabrics used to make special protective clothing must meet the requirements for special protective functions. For example, ordinary chemical fiber fabrics cannot be made of antistatic clothing and must contain conductive fibers or metal wires. However, due to the continuous development of high-tech products, the development of special protective clothing fabrics is changing with each passing day. For example, the steel-making garments with high-temperature radiation resistance have been used in asbestos clothing made of asbestos fibers or front protective clothing made of white canvas.

General protective clothing and special protective clothing are used during the labor or standby. Some types of protective clothing, such as protective clothing and birth control medicine protective clothing, are only allowed to be used at the scene. It is forbidden to bring out the workplace and prevent secondary pollution. Intertwined infections.

The safe use of special protective clothing is an effective guarantee for protecting the safety and health of workers. The sub-variety is described as follows:

1. Flameproof and explosion-proof workplaces must wear natural fiber protective clothing. Natural fibers do not produce very hot melts in the event of a fire. Carbonization occurs. In the event of an accident, the injury will be much lighter than wearing chemical protective clothing:

2, anti-static. In static electricity hazardous workplaces, anti-static clothing must be worn, which can reduce the potential of the human body, and can also avoid hazards caused by the potential of clothing, and pay attention to the fact that in static electricity workplaces, it is not allowed to change clothes on the scene;

3, anti-high temperature radiation. The operating environment with high-temperature radiation hazards should wear flame-retardant protective clothing. The development of flame-retardant clothing fabrics is relatively rapid. A few years ago, the fire-retardant eyes of the moonlight coating process were adopted. The flame retardant function has been improved. But Bucky is hard. Run into sweat. Rub the skin. Generally do not want to wear. The "Seventh Five-Year" national scientific and technological achievements Yi Fang Feng Lun, and the United States DuPont company Nomex fiber's successful development. Anti-high temperature radiation protective clothing fabric is more ideal but due to high prices, promotion requires a process:

4, anti-radioactive work, in addition to wearing full body protective clothing. Gloves, aprons and shoe covers must also be worn to prevent radioactive protective clothing from being carried away. To avoid the second pollution. If found to be contaminated. Need to be tested immediately. Deal with

5, anti-acid alkaline protective clothing in the past using coarse wool or rubber fabric production. Still can not avoid the acid, alkali splashed on protective clothing. Infiltrate underwear and injure the human body. Anti-acid-alkali fabrics have been successfully developed, and coarse wool is no longer used to produce anti-acid and alkali-proof protective moonclothes.

6, anti-virus in toxic work wear eye protection. It is not allowed to go out of the work site and work at a high concentration of toxic gas. You must wear a gas mask when using the glass operation box. Two sleeves with elastic cloth should be provided on the two holes into which both hands protrude to prevent harmful substances from entering the human body from inside the box;

7. The protective clothing for dust prevention shall be a hooded jumpsuit with a cloth covering the button, and the wrist and ankle buckle shall be fastened to prevent dust from intruding into the skin. In addition to protective clothing, gloves and protection shall be worn. Glasses, dust masks.

Second, the design principles of protective clothing

Protective clothing design principles - "safe, applicable, beautiful, generous." Under the premise of safe application, the design of protective clothing strives to be beautiful and generous. Safe application is the basic condition for the function of protective clothing, and it is also the basic basis for use value. Protective clothing must be safe and reliable, meet the needs of labor protection, wear comfortable, convenient operation, and meet the requirements of physiological and ergonomic performance. Beautiful and elegant protective clothing should be well-dimensed and colorful, coordinate the operating environment, embody the spirit of modern workers, and stimulate labor enthusiasm and the professional pride of the workers. The principle of safe and beautiful design that has been applied to safety has been included in the general national protective clothing content. As a technical regulation, this principle must be followed in all aspects of scientific research, production, sales and use. Specifically there are the following aspects:

1, is conducive to the normal physiological and physical health of the human body;

2, style according to the need for protection did not count. Adapt to physical activity during work. Easy to wear off. It is not easy to cause hooks, hangs, twists and blemishes; it helps to prevent dust and dirt from contaminating the body;

3, in accordance with the need for protection function selection of suitable fabrics;

4, easy to wash and repair;

5, color should be distinguished from the background of the work, must not affect the correct judgment of a variety of colored light signals

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