Qinchuan Machine Tool "High Speed ​​and High Precision Gear Machine Tool Project Team" won the "Innovation Team" Award

The Machinery Industry Technology Conference organized by the China Machinery Industry Federation was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the Group's “High-speed and High-precision Gear Machine Tool Project Team” won the “12th Five-Year” Machinery Industry Excellent Innovation Team. Leaders from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the China National Machinery Association attended the meeting and presented awards.

"High-speed high-precision gear machine innovation team" relies on the company's mechanical industry complex surface CNC grinding machine engineering research center and high-efficiency, precision gear ring gear grinding machine project, high-efficiency high-precision gear machine product technology innovation platform project and high-efficiency precision CNC worm wheel Research and development of gear grinding machine, research and development and promotion of gear machine tool related technology and equipment. Through continuous independent research, we have mastered the core R&D and manufacturing technology of high-precision gear grinding machine, and developed the grinding machine tools such as forming grinding wheel grinding machine, worm grinding wheel grinding machine, compound grinding and gear hobbing machine, cutter, screw and face gear. And a series of innovations in related process research, including the development of a series of high-precision and high-precision gear grinding machines such as YKS7225 and YKZ7230, as well as a series of difficult problems in shaping gear grinding technology, and mastered the large-scale CNC gear grinding machine. Design and manufacturing technology, developed YK series and other large-scale forming grinding wheel grinding machine products, the product covers the diameter grinding process of 800mm-2500mm, the grinding precision reaches the national standard level 3.

It is reported that the Machinery Industry Science and Technology Conference also held an interpretation of the implementation guide for the construction of the manufacturing innovation center, the interpretation of the implementation guidelines for industrial strong foundation projects, the interpretation of the implementation guidelines for intelligent manufacturing projects, the interpretation of the implementation guidelines for green manufacturing projects, and the interpretation of the implementation guidelines for high-end equipment innovation projects. , the value of Rubik's Cube - Internet and e-cube economy, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent machine tools, China's energy equipment future development thinking, international green manufacturing technology progress and development trends, "double innovation" to promote corporate technology innovation report.

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