· Qingqi Xichaiqiang teamed up to create low-carbon environmentally friendly products

On the morning of March 24, the general manager of FAW Jiefang Qingdao Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Qingqi”) led a delegation of 14 people from Qinghai to visit Xichai, and was led by Xichai Plant, Qian Hengrong, Xu Xuefen and Xu Haigen. Ji Yizhi, Zhang Zhenfeng, Huang Chenghai and the leaders of relevant departments received a warm reception.

Both Qingqi and Xichai belong to FAW Jiefang Company and are important members of FAW Group's independent system. Qingqi is an important production base for liberation trucks. Its leading products are the liberation of light, medium and heavy-duty trucks and their various special-purpose vehicles and modified vehicle series products, creating new Dawei, Xinweiwei, Sailong, and competition. The industry-standard models such as Kirin and the newly launched V-card family products in 2013 (Day V, 悍V Heavy Truck, Dragon V Card and Tiger V Light Truck) all have excellent performance in fuel economy and strong power. In particular, new energy vehicles such as LNG, which carries the liberation spirit and are in the leading position in the industry, have also successfully matched the Xichai LNG engine and stood out in the competition of strong hands and forests. They have withstood the test of the market and formed a good market reputation. . In accordance with the Group's "Uniform Resources and Independent" strategy and the relevant requirements of the Liberation Company, in recent years, Xichai has actively cooperated with Qingqi Technology, Quality, Marketing, Production and other departments to strengthen technical convergence, quality improvement, on-line service, and common Improve product quality and reputation, and jointly support the liberation of brands to become stronger and bigger. In 2014, the number of diesel-loaded vehicles in Qingqi exceeded 30,000 units, with a share of 41%. In the first two months of 2015, the number of loading vehicles was close to 3,500.

The general manager of Ding Dahai and his party visited the Xishan heavy-duty diesel engine Huishan base accompanied by Mr. Qian Hengrong and others. Subsequently, the leaders of the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges in the first conference room. Director Qian Hengrong gave an introduction on the current operation of Xichai. Assistant Director Huang Chenghai introduced the benchmarking of the 11-liter engine and competing products. Ji Yizhi The deputy director introduced the cooperation between the two parties in 2014 and the 2015 target. The relevant leaders of Qingqi informed the R&D, quality and marketing of the cooperation. Subsequently, Director Qian Hengrong and General Manager Ding Dahai exchanged views on relevant issues and agreed that they will seize the opportunity, deepen cooperation, jointly build low-carbon and environmentally friendly products, and comprehensively promote the continued healthy and stable development of bilateral relations and jointly shape the relationship. A model of excellence in liberating trucks.

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