Safety and money saving Automatic inflation will you accept?

Forget the tire pressure monitoring equipment, do not have to manually inflate the tires, this scene will appear in the daily life of the car?

Maybe Goodyear is developing new tires that will arouse your interest. The company had publicly demonstrated the automatic pneumatic tire technology at the “2012 Hannover Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany”. Now, Goodyear has entered a new stage in the research of this technology.

Goodyear has announced that the company will test AMT (Air Maintenance Technology) technology for trucks in the United States and Canada in the next 18 months. This technology continuously monitors the tire pressure and uses the automatic pumping device inside the tire to keep the tire at normal levels.

Specifically, when the tire pressure drops to a predetermined value, the regulator in the AMT tire will open, allowing the air to enter a suction tube; when the automobile starts rolling the tire, the tire deformation process will flatten the suction tube, Air is drawn through the tire into the intake valve and then into the tire.

Automatic pneumatic tire

What are the benefits of automatic pneumatic tires?

According to Goodyear, tire-related expenses are the largest single maintenance project cost for commercial vehicle operators. The automatic pneumatic tire can make the tire pressure in the normal state, which not only can reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions, but also can improve the service life of the tire. The company said that in previous tests, AMT tires "had performed well." On the whole, it is not difficult to understand why Goodyear has to continuously test AMT technology.

AMT technology needs to deal with all kinds of daily driving conditions of the car, so Goodyear is testing it repeatedly. This test will continue for a long time to determine when it will be marketed.

Goodyear claims that only 44% of truck tire pressures are safe, while auto-inflated tires can help save significant testing and maintenance costs.

When there is no need to worry about tire pressure, people will be able to drive longer distances with more peace of mind.

Tube And Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Metal tube and plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is a dual use fiber laser cutting machine can cut not only metal plates, but also metal tubes and pipes. This design can help save your workshop space and also save labor cost and also greatly improve productivity. This metal plate size cut by fiber laser cutting machine can be customized, the hot sale model is 1530 and 1325 working area for metal plate and 6m metal tube diameter 20-200mm, can customize to max 300mm.

Why to choose the fiber laser cutting machine?

1. High cutting accuracy: The positioning accuracy of the metal laser cutter reaches 0.05 mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy reaches 0.03 mm.
2. Narrow slit: The width of the slit is generally 0.10-0.20 mm.
3. Smooth cutting surface: There is no burr on the cutting surface, and the roughness of the cut surface is generally controlled within Ra 6.5.
4. Fast cutting speed: the cutting speed can reach 10 m / min, and the maximum positioning speed can reach 30 m / min.
5. Good cutting quality: Adopting non-contact cutting, the cutting edge is affected by heat little, there is basically no thermal deformation of the work piece, to ensure that the work piece is not scratched, and the slitting generally does not require secondary processing.
6. Laser processing has good flexibility: the fiber laser cutting machine can process arbitrary graphics, and it can cut pipes and other profiles without being affected by the shape of the work piece.

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