The first dual-mode shield machine in Fujian Province, which was developed by Xiagong China Railway, was officially delivered.

Technology is the primary productive force, and innovation is the first driving force for development.

On April 23, the first earth pressure balance-full-section hard rock dual-mode shield machine independently developed and manufactured by Xiamen Xiagong Zhongtie Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xiagong Zhongtie”) was successfully delivered. The Xiamen Branch of the Third Navigation Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. was used for the construction of the Linpu Station-Chengmen Station section of Fuzhou Metro Line 4. This is also the 61st shield machine independently developed and produced by Xiagong China Railway, which is mainly used for subway construction in Xiamen, Fuzhou and Shenzhen.

1, there are two floors of high soft rock can be dug

The dual-mode shield machine delivered this time is a large cylindrical type, which is very large and has two floors. According to reports, this big guy excavated a diameter of 6.47 meters, the length of the whole machine is 125 meters, the total weight is about 650 tons, the installed power is 2547 kilowatts, which can meet the soft soil layer and the extreme soft and hard formation, and can meet the long distance. The versatility of ultra-hard rock formations.

Chen Beibei, general manager of Xiagong China Railway, said that the online dual-mode roadheader, which is the first two types of earth pressure and TBM (rock tunneling machine), can coexist simultaneously, not only "soft and hard", but also because of the built-in The special support system is also convenient for the conversion of the earth pressure balance shield machine mode and the hard rock TBM mode, providing powerful equipment support for the tunnel to be fast, efficient and reliable.

2, one top three, the construction efficiency is greatly improved

This big guy was developed by Xiagong China Railway to deal with the complex geology of the Linpu Station-Chengmen Station section of Fuzhou Metro Line 4. According to reports, the total length of the left line of Linpu Station-Chengmen Station is about 2174 meters, and the length of the right line is about 2185.3 meters. The geology of the interval is roughly soft soil (mainly silt, medium fine sand) and tuff lava, two The end hole section is a soft soil with a full section, and the middle section is a very hard rock with a full section and a long distance. At present, there are few related construction cases in China. In the process of excavation, the equipment faces a large head pressure in the soft and hard junction section, and the silt section is easy to be planted. The tool loss of the equipment in the extremely hard rock section is large, the tube piece is easy to float, and the mode conversion space in the hole is small. There are many technical difficulties such as breaking the rock at the soft and hard junction. The shield machine with any single function can not meet the requirements of both stable excavation during soft soil excavation and rapid advancement during hard rock excavation.

Therefore, according to the geological characteristics of the section and the experience of the design and use of tunnelling equipment in the past, Xiagong China Railway R&D team actively carried out joint research and research with the owner units, equipment users and subway design institutes, and created the first soil pressure/TBM in Fujian. The dual-mode roadheader is designed to solve the technical problems of single-mode shield machine with low efficiency in extremely hard rock formations, single shield or double shield TBM unable to dig in composite formations; according to the stratum, the dual-mode shield Each system is designed in a targeted manner. "In the past, complex geology required three shield machines to be used. Now only one such dual-mode shield machine can be completed, which greatly improves the construction efficiency." Chen Beibei said.

In order to overcome many technical difficulties, Chen Beibei led a team of more than 100 people to fight for more than eight months. He also introduced some technical difficulties to the author, for example, to strengthen the cutterhead structure, the whole center of the cutterhead is designed; to avoid the generation of a large amount of dust in the TBM mode, design three-stage dust removal; The internal water level rises instantaneously, and the three-stage drainage function is designed. In order to avoid floating on the hard rock section, the bean gravel injection and backfill grouting system are designed.

Chen Beibei said that this dual-mode shield machine will be used for the first time in the province and belongs to the province's first major intelligent equipment. The successful application of the equipment in Fuzhou Metro will lay a good foundation for the promotion of the earth pressure balance-full-section hard rock dual-mode shield machine in the province and the country, and will be more applied in railway tunnels, urban subways and other fields in the future.

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Xiagong China Railway: Striving for the leader in the roadheader industry

Professional, this is the best definition of Xiagong China Railway Heavy Machinery.

Xiagong Zhongtie Heavy Machinery is located in the industrial hinterland of Xiamen City - Guannan Industrial Zone. It is a professional manufacturer of tunnelling machinery. It adheres to the corporate policy of professional manufacturing and professional services, relying on the powerful strength of Xiagong and China Railway as its own resources and the future. Trend-oriented, developing new products and application technologies with higher technology content, providing innovative tunnel construction products and personalized solutions. Xiagong China Railway is striving to become the pioneer and leader of the Chinese road-moving machine industry with the direction of enhancing the value of its customers' products and services.

Traffic plays an important role in the rapid development of Xiamen. Due to the unique geographical environment of Xiamen, the construction of various key projects has a large demand for heavy equipment. Xiamen Xiagong Machinery Co., Ltd. and China Railway Engineering Equipment Group seized the opportunity in 2013. In September, the joint venture Xiagong Zhongtie Heavy Machinery was established. The joint venture company is mainly engaged in tunnelling machinery, including various types of shield machines, such as earth pressure balance shield, mud-water balance shield, composite shield, rectangular shield, U-shi shield machine, horseshoe shield machine, dual mode ( Earth pressure balance +TBM, earth pressure balance + mud water balance), open TBM, single shield TBM, double shield TBM, shaft TBM and other product categories, and research and development, design and manufacturing and technical services of core components, etc. At the same time, we take into account the value-added services of the full-value industry chain including remanufacturing, equipment leasing and equipment subcontracting.

Since its establishment, Xiagong China Railway has relied on its own resources and advantages to make fine and strong tunneling machinery, providing customers with efficient and professional services, making tunnel construction faster, better and safer. Xiagong China Railway's market radiates to the southeast coast with Xiamen as its center, and strives to build the largest R&D and manufacturing base for tunnelling machinery in the southeast coast of China. It has successfully provided efficient and professional solutions for many projects and has become the preferred tunnel boring machine service provider for customers.

Xiagong China Railway adheres to the corporate policy of “professional manufacturing and professional services” and carries forward the enterprise spirit of “bringing for excellence and pursuing excellence”, taking science and technology innovation as the core and guaranteeing quality service to realize the transformation from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation. Contribute to the revitalization and development of the equipment manufacturing industry.


[Double mode shield machine]

What is a dual mode shield machine? According to reports, at present, the domestic full-section tunnel boring machine products are divided into two types: shield machine and TBM (rock tunneling machine). Among them, the shield machine mainly has the types of earth pressure balance and mud-water balance, which can not be self-stabilized for the excavation surface. Soft soil and composite strata, such as urban subway tunnels and cross-river tunnels; TBM is mainly used in hard rock geological tunnels with stable strata, such as mountain tunnels and diversion tunnels.

To put it simply, the single-mode shield machine has low efficiency in extremely hard rock formations, and “eats” hard rock; TBM “eats hard” does not “eat soft” and cannot tunnel in composite formations. The dual-mode shield machine can be “soft and hard to eat”.

【development path】

●On April 29, 2014, Xiagong China Railway No. 001 shield machine was off the assembly line. So far, the company has produced 61 earth pressure balance shield machines for delivery to customers.

●In October 2015, the company passed the high-tech enterprise review

●In December 2016, the company's products were identified as the first major equipment in Fujian Province.

●2016-2017 was awarded the key industrial enterprises in Xiamen

●In March 2017, it passed ISO90001 quality system, EMS environmental management system and OHSMS occupational health management system certification.

●In June 2017, it was rated as Xiamen Smart Manufacturing Pilot Enterprise

●Reviewed by high-tech enterprises in December 2018

● In January 2019, won the second prize of Xiamen Science and Technology Progress Award (this article is from Xiamen Daily)

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