The first high-density extrusion granulator was successfully tested for no-load operation

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China ,, before drying Reuters New Qilu Petrochemical plastics plant 250,000 tons / year high density polyethylene unit, i.e., the plant No. 2 high density apparatus set load extrusion granulator successful trial run. The granulator used in this device is the first extrusion granulation unit independently developed by China for large-scale polyethylene plants.

The plant's new high-density polyethylene plant will be constructed in 21 months, with a total investment of 877 million yuan. The plant is scheduled to be put into production in early 2013. It is currently in the production preparation stage such as equipment commissioning. In order to complete the no-load linkage test of the unit, the plant had previously conducted a single test run of the main equipment of the granulator main motor, speed reducer and other units, changed the position of the hydraulic oil pipeline, and changed the connection between the cylinder and the hopper The soft connection reduces the axis alignment error from 56 microns to 15 microns and many other optimization measures. After one day of no-load trial operation, the indicators such as shaft displacement, shaft vibration, and barrel water temperature of the extrusion granulator all reached the design requirements, and the trial run was successfully completed.

This model is designed  on high chassis. Our machines have 400mm ground clearance which is the highest clearance in China. In order to pursue high effeciency and exvellent traffice ability in deep muddy field, 4LZ-5.0 is equipped with 100HP engine and rubber tracks which have high teeth and side teeth. Also, it is easy to operate and maintain. Low fuel consumption (25 Liter derv per hectare), it is an energy-saving choose.

4LZ-5.0 Combine Harvester

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