The Gospel of Moving - The Moving Vehicle

People living in big cities will encounter moving problems unless you have the ability to buy a house. However, the basic mode of most migrant workers is renting, and renters will encounter moving problems, which are not only laborious but also time-consuming. With the advent of this relocation vehicle , the problems encountered in the move will no longer be a problem!


We have come to understand the Jiangling moving vehicle produced by Cheng Li Corporation. It uses the Jiangling Isuzu State IV engine. This engine is characterized by low oil consumption and low maintenance costs. It is a double-row model, and the stevedores can pick up the car, which saves them the expense of riding alone. Many people may think that since it is a car that can rise to high altitudes, it may not be able to go beyond the problem of higher regions. There are also many people who have this idea. In fact, parents don't have to worry about it. Most cities are almost unimpeded. And the tops still use the low gravity of South Korean imports. If the speed is 70 kilometers per hour, then the turn is not tilted. Equipped with 28 meters of equipment, working height can reach ten floors. For high altitude transport items are guaranteed!

The moving vehicle has long appeared in Korea's moving industry for many years. It was introduced to China only at the back. It is suitable for high-altitude operations in large, medium-sized and small cities. It is easy to learn, flexible, widely used, and highly efficient. In high-altitude firefighting, high-altitude rescue, altitude cleaning outside the building, high-rise building furniture handling, aerial repair operations, high-altitude equipment installation and other high-altitude operations. For those high floors moving is no longer a difficult task!

At present, the market for moving vehicles in China is relatively small. After all, such a moving vehicle has a lot of costs. Generally, only the enterprises have the ability to purchase it, so there is no popularization! If it is a moving company, you can still consider buying a car. This saves some labor costs and can be rented to a construction company. You do not have to worry about the issue of non-return costs.

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