The humanized design of a small road sweeper is reflected in where

In order to clean roads, many sweepers have been widely used. In order to use them, they have now designed small road sweepers. This road sweeper can not only clean the roadside rubbish, but also remove dust from the air. This not only ensures the aesthetic appearance of the road, but also can prolong the service life of the road. Therefore, many people are full of curiosity about small road sweepers. It not only has these amazing effects, but also its design is very good and humane. Here's what the humanized design of a small road sweeper shows. local?


In terms of design, the humanized design of products is the mainstream concept of modern design. The humanized design of small road sweepers is reflected in the following points:

First, the actual size of the handrail height is designed. For a small road sweeper, the main purpose of the handrail is to control the direction, so the height of the handrail is very important for the work of the car. If the handrail is too high, then your shoulders will be loosened by the upper arm. If you work in this position for a long time, it will bring great discomfort to the shoulder. If the height of the handrail is too low, the staff is required to bend over, and if it is too long, it will cause injury to the staff's waist. Therefore, the small road sweeper is designed based on the concept of humanity.

Second, humanized design of the width of the handrail. For the design of the width of the handrail of a small sweeper, the most important is its applicability. To ensure that the arm is operated so that the worker's hand joints will be in a free state, there will be no harm to the body.

Third, as to the design of the foot space. For small road sweepers, the space in the foot must be reasonable when the staff is working, which helps to operate.

Most people who use small road sweepers are sanitation workers, and its scope of use is also very wide. Therefore, there is a personal concept of a small road sweeper that can better enable sanitation workers to work, make a green for our roads, and also help people's health.

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