The longer the service life of refrigerated trucks, the cooler the cooling effect will be.

Some people do not quite understand why the cooling effect of the refrigerated car will become lower and lower when the refrigerated car is used for a longer period of time. The main reason is the following points:


1. When refrigerating trucks select refrigeration units, the first is to look at their production processes and performance quality. The second is to look at the brand. In general, some foreign brands of refrigeration units are also good at performance, but Its price will be more expensive. Then when choosing domestic brands of refrigeration vehicle refrigeration units, not only depends on the performance and quality, but also depends on the size of the manufacturers and the brand's influence and reputation. If the quality and performance of the refrigeration unit can be well protected, as well as the use of good maintenance in the later period, then after the refrigerator truck has been used for many years, it will not make the cooling effect worse.


2. Because some components of the vehicle's refrigeration system will become loose and aging as the service life of the refrigerated truck becomes longer and longer, this will lead to leakage of the refrigerant in the refrigeration system of the refrigerated truck. As a result, the cooling capacity of the refrigerating machine of the refrigerated vehicle is insufficient, so that the driver feels that the cooling effect becomes poor. As long as you can usually maintain and maintain your refrigerated trucks, most of them are designed to avoid these situations.


3, most car owners may have such a common problem, when buying a new car to go back, for the cleanliness of the vehicle will be more attention, but after a long time, gradually lost interest. but. Regarding the good and bad sanitary conditions in the compartments of refrigerated trucks, that must be done, because it is about the cooling effect. In the insulated compartment of a refrigerated truck, the cleaning work should be done after each shipment of cargo, and debris or wrapping paper cannot be left on the floor of the compartment. This will hinder the suction of the evaporator and the air flow performance. Because of the fan of the evaporator of the vehicle, the air will perform the internal circulation in the insulated compartment, which will cause some debris and garbage on the residual ground to be sucked into the fan of the evaporator, when a lot of impurities are long. Accumulation of time and inhalation into the coil of the evaporator will directly affect the cooling effect of the refrigeration unit.

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