·The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology frequently "names" the Internet car to the deep water area

With the first time at this year's two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang proposed the development of "Internet +" and established it as a national strategy, "Internet + Auto" quickly became the hottest concept in the industry. While BAT and other technology companies have stepped into the auto industry, they are the first to expand their imagination in the areas of Internet of Vehicles, e-commerce, and Internet auto finance.
It is worth noting that in the face of the current "Internet + car" trend, some analysts stressed that they should be alert to the above-mentioned concept of excessive hype, resulting in the convergence of the Internet and the automotive industry. It is worth noting that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently named the Internet car frequently, trying to guide the former to the deep water area through intelligent manufacturing demonstration.
Focus: Internet + marketing into a "burst point"
As if overnight, the eyes of the major media can almost see the word "Internet +", especially in the car circle, the Internet + car is a "swept momentum." Minsheng Securities Research Report pointed out that the impact of the Internet on the automotive industry has been fully developed from four dimensions: marketing, channel, operation and product. Internet car, Internet auto parts city, Internet repair shop, Internet 4S shop, Internet auto insurance, Internet auto finance, etc. The form of innovation has been fully rolled out.
Among them, in various "Internet +" models, car e-commerce is currently at the forefront. In 2014, after the domestic auto companies saw huge development space in the field of auto e-commerce, they continued to plan cooperation with e-commerce platforms, and also planned self-built e-commerce channels. After SAIC and Dongfeng successively set up their own e-commerce platform, last week, Southern Reporter learned that the GAC Group's self-built e-commerce platform company was also recently established. The former general manager of GAC Fiat, Xu Yulin, will be the general manager of the company.
At the same time, Internet finance has also hand in hand with cars, such as Alibaba launched a car brand and mobile Internet cross-border play, such as working with a number of dealers to prepay with the balance of the frozen money, during the period can enjoy the purchase of 3 months of income .
Pan Yi, an Internet industry analyst at Analysys think tank, pointed out that in the future, the integration of "Internet + Auto" will show a rapid development trend, which is expected to generate a potential market of hundreds of billions of yuan. He emphasized that the integration of the Internet and the automobile will be the first to be reflected in the field of automobile marketing, and the integration of Internet car marketing such as e-commerce is the most attractive.
"The automotive industry should be alert to the Internet + car flow in appearance." Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, told the Southern Reporter that the current focus of the automotive industry on Internet + car convergence is mostly focused on marketing and automotive application experience. . "These really can quickly highlight its role and quickly realize the benefits," he admitted, if too focused on marketing, it is not conducive to the integration of the full value field of automotive research and development, manufacturing and the Internet. In fact, using the Internet approach to optimize R&D and manufacturing processes is key.
Goal: Sword refers to "impossible mission"
In fact, the relevant authorities have already noticed the concerns of the industry, and recently they have frequently led the integration of the Internet and the automotive industry to a deeper level.
On March 9th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “2015 Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Special Action Implementation Plan” (hereinafter referred to as “Implementation Plan”). The program pointed out that in 2015, the implementation of the smart manufacturing pilot demonstration special action was launched, and the key manufacturing links were intelligentized. The core, based on end-to-end data flow and supported by network interconnection, promotes industrial transformation and upgrading through demonstration pilots such as intelligent networked vehicles.
It is worth noting that the “Implementation Plan” clarifies the objectives of the special action, that is, the pilot demonstration project achieves a 20% reduction in operating costs, a 20% reduction in product development cycle, a 20% increase in production efficiency, and a 10% reduction in product non-performing rate. Increase by 4%.
“According to the R&D and manufacturing process of the traditional automobile industry, this is almost impossible task.” Lu Lihua, dean of Kaiyi Automotive Engineering Institute, told the Southern Reporter that if Internet thinking and technology are introduced, through innovations in R&D and manufacturing processes, It is possible to achieve the above objectives. "For example, product development under the Internet model is much faster than the automotive industry."
Concern: Internet + new energy model is popular March 17th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software Information Services Division convened car companies and Internet companies to hold seminars. According to the information disclosed at the meeting, the "Internet + Auto" program has entered the agenda of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, or provided project funds and technical transformation support to relevant enterprises.
After a week, Premier Li Keqiang hosted the State Council executive meeting on March 25, which clearly pointed out the breakthrough between the Internet and the automobile. The meeting stressed the need to comply with the "Internet +" development trend, focusing on the development of the top ten industrial sectors, one of which is energy-saving and new energy vehicles.
Lu Lihua told reporters in Nandu that the smooth integration of the Internet and the automotive industry depends on whether the internal thinking of the vehicle is unified or not. On the other hand, whether the ability of the vehicle and other capabilities meets the requirements. From this perspective, new energy vehicles are undoubtedly the most suitable.
Coincidentally, on March 26, Zeng Qinghong, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group, said that Guangzhou Automobile Group will promote the sales target of 160,000 new energy vehicles in the year of 2020 through the Internet + new energy model. He emphasized that GAC Group will comply with market demand and open cooperation with Internet companies.

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