The Significance of Intelligent Temperature Control System for Poultry Hatching

The Significance of Intelligent Temperature Control System for Poultry Hatching

Introduction: With the development of society and economy, the people's living standards are generally promoted, and the demand for quality and quality of fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc. in the society is constantly raised, especially in terms of high economic conditions and good living standards. The market needs fresh vegetables and eggs, and the establishment of the greenhouse has developed rapidly.

Taking into account the different types of poultry hatchery and the objective needs of the farmers and the actual operating level and operating costs and other factors, set up a multi-functional poultry incubator environment monitoring system (microcomputer controller) is undoubtedly an urgent need for farmers.

Poultry hatchery environment is a special greenhouse environment. Poultry is an oviparous animal. Poultry reproduction has unique features.

There are many factors in the incubating environment of poultry eggs, such as temperature, humidity, light, etc. These conditions cannot be separated. Therefore, these integrated environments should be monitored and automatically controlled.

Poultry incubator environmental monitoring system will play an important role in improving the accuracy of the environment, reducing operating costs, raising the level of management of poultry hatching, raising the output and quality of poultry hatching, and ultimately increasing the social and economic benefits of poultry hatching.

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