Tianbao Group Holdings Liu Yanping: Introduction of Tianbao Technology Development System and LED Drivers

On June 10th, the annual lighting event 2016 Aladdin Lighting Forum was held during the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. In the sub-forum with the theme of power module and photoelectric heat integration, Tianbao Group Holdings Tianbao Group Holdings Mr. Liu Yanping gave a wonderful speech on the theme of Tianbao Technology Development System and LED driver new products. Tianbao Group Holdings Liu Yanping Mr. Liu Yanping shared the development of Tianbao technology and the introduction of new LED products. He introduced Tianbao Group from three levels, indicating that Tianbao Group is developing products based on the characteristics of LED power supply. It then introduces the introduction of new product markets and the flow chart from start to finish. The service life of LED power supply is the management system of the whole company, which is divided into four aspects: material supply and operation; source of anti-material; test plan; design and device. Tianbao is mainly engaged in power development design and sales manufacturing. It has been engaged in power supply for 37 years and is strictly controlled from the process. He mainly recommended a variety of new products from Tianbao. The main advantage of this product is the different voltage and current required in the case of different lamps. How to cover a 80-watt product, through software modification, to obtain a required The biggest advantage of voltage and current is to solve the problem. Like LED, it is a lot of forms. The biggest highlight is that it can be programmed online and compatible with intelligent dimming. The power of 80 watts is mainly divided into two models. The second new product is a 70-watt economical light lamp, which is mainly used in LED five-way light tunnels, etc. The exit economy is based on the pressure on the market and engineering. The third is the outdoor landscape power supply. There is a new lightning protection product that has been introduced recently. At present, he is directly 40K. At present, the whole industry is 10K20K, and the maximum current is 20K. Waterproof can be directly used. It is mainly used in outdoor lighting. It is relatively harsh in outdoor conditions. There will be some lightning strikes on the product that cause the product to be bad. Tianbao has made a lightning arrester based on years of precipitation. Then introduced is the standard body, LED panel lights and other indoor lighting and industrial and mining lamps of Tianbao Group LED, which are mainly used in outdoor, and are all certified. Some of the main features are high efficiency and high power factor. The power supply can be placed inside the light gun for waterproofing. He does not need to be fully enclosed. This series is mainly based on the premise of 200 watts. It is a relatively cost-effective product, and the input voltage is also Worldwide, from 90 to 305 volts.

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