TomTom to Supply Navigation System for Ford's European Vehicles

Recently, Dutch satellite navigation equipment manufacturer TomTom announced that it will supply navigation systems for Ford's European models. Customers who purchase Ford models can download TomTom's HD road map.

TomTom has integrated its touch-screen navigation display GO LIVE 1000 and GO LIVE 1005 into a new navigation system in a special way, and all relevant wiring is integrated into the dashboard, and the entire navigation system The drive system is automatic. The semi-integrated navigation system will be used in Ford Ka, Carnival, 2011 Fox, C-Max and all Ford's light commercial vehicle models.

It is reported that TomTom installed nearly 80 million probes in Europe, covering 99.9% of the road network, can help drivers choose the best route to reach their destination.

Extensive reading:
Founded in Amsterdam in 1991, TomTom is the world's largest provider of navigation solutions. The products have been marketed throughout Europe, North America, Central America and Asia, and have been successfully sold to 25 countries through outstanding distribution teams and websites. Accumulated so far, TomTom has sold more than 10 million PNDs globally, and its popularity can be as high as 1 out of every 2 PND users in Europe using the TomTom products; in North America it also has as much as 25 % market share.

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