What brand of antifreeze is good antifreeze list

It is summer now that we have to say antifreeze now. We think it is too early, but antifreeze can not only prevent freezing but also prevent boiling, descaling, etc. It is always good to know more about this aspect. Don't be too anxious and don't know what to buy. If you really love your car, learn more about car maintenance. For antifreeze, everyone must be familiar with it. Some cars will become very fragile after many years of use. It is extremely important for those old cars to be antifreeze in winter. Now let's talk about what brand of antifreeze is good .

防冻液什么牌子好 防冻液排行榜

Let me introduce you to the components of the antifreeze, which consists of a base fluid and additives. There are two types of antifreeze, concentrated and non-concentrated. When concentrating at the time of use, it should be diluted with water, because the old saying is concentrated is the essence. The choice of antifreeze also depends on the temperature of the antifreeze. The temperature of each antifreeze is different. Some are minus 40 degrees, some are minus 30 degrees, and some are minus fifteen degrees. Antifreeze will freeze when it is below this temperature.

Nowadays, the brand, the Great Wall, has good cooling performance and good antifreeze effect, and is suitable for all kinds of cars in cold weather.

The second Shell, he has a long history in China, and has been leading the way in sales.

The third Mobil, which was created in 1982, is characterized by innovation.

The fourth Blue Star, Blue Star is the result of cooperation between Germany and Japan. There is a good reputation in the industry and now it is also a big brand in China.

The fifth Total, with operations in more than 130 countries, shows how much influence it has.

The sixth 3M, this is the American brand.

The seventh Baishitong, invented antifreeze in 1927, with leading technology.

The eighth Caltex, founded in 1936, has more than 8,000 sales points and is among the best in its class.

The ninth paragraph is Botny.

The tenth 999 car servant.

防冻液什么牌子好 防冻液排行榜

Choosing antifreeze does not know the reputation and brand of antifreeze, we have to choose according to where we live. If you live in the South, you can choose a temperature of minus 15 degrees or 30 degrees. The winter in the south is not very cold, so there is no need to buy 45 degrees. However, if you live in the Northeast, you still buy a minus 45 degrees, do not underestimate the winter in the Northeast, that winter is quite cold.

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