What does the private car Yaohao mean?

The private car Yaohao is a new term that has emerged in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in recent years. Many people don't know much about this term. So what exactly does a private car shake mean? Why do you need a Yaohao to buy a private car? Is the private car Yaohao all vehicle owners able to do? No restrictions?


Why does a private car Yaohao appear? With the continuous increase in the number of private cars, the pressure on urban transport is also increasing. In order to minimize the pressure of urban traffic and ensure the standardization of urban transport, the most important measure is to limit the number of private cars. The private car Yaohao is an initiative to solve this problem. This measure has indeed achieved very good results since its implementation.

In simple terms, the private car number means that the number of private cars that can be put on the road every month is limited. Private cars that exceed this limit must wait until the next month to qualify for the shake number, and so on, until they get the number.

Concerning the restrictions on the conditions of the private car Yaohao. Although the private car Yaohao is very common, it does not mean that all private cars have the right to shake hands. The private car Yaohao is only for people whose name is only one private car. If there are other private cars under their household, they are not eligible to participate in the shake. This measure is also a very effective method to better regulate the traffic rules and reduce the traffic pressure in the city.

The private car Yaohao is now also gradually introduced throughout the country. It has also received the support of the general public. This measure will undoubtedly become an important method of regulating private cars on the road in the future. The Yaohao is computer-operated and has a lot of randomness. Therefore, the citizens will also be happy to accept it. This is a two-way, mutually beneficial approach.

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