What is the specific use of IP network broadcasting? Where is it used more?

To understand the specific use of IP network broadcasting, you must first understand the specific functions of its IP network broadcasting.
The IP network broadcasting system is an audio sound reinforcement system based on IP data network transmission. It can be used in the LAN of the same network segment, across the LAN of the gateway or on the Internet. Stable and reliable webcasting depends directly on the combination of network server and network adapter hardware and software. The IP network broadcasting system is composed of an IP network broadcast control center, an IP network adapter, an audio workstation, and the like. The system uses high-speed dual CPU (32-bit MCU + 16-bit DSP), digital power, short delay (0.1S), good sound quality (20-16KHZ), and supports data network transmission of various audio formats (MP3, MP2, AAC) , WAV), perfect network adaptability, support real-time encoding of external audio, with the function of direct cross-network gateway and core routing switch, support Internet broadcasting, and system upgrade can achieve fire linkage.
IP network broadcasting can be based on the existing computer network construction. It does not need to be separately wired during installation. According to the IP network program transmission, each broadcast point can have its own independent broadcast program, which provides feasibility for broadcasting to introduce daily broadcast. Traditional audio frequency modulation and controllable intelligent broadcasting are the real meaning of transmission digital network broadcasting. Applied to network construction, it not only realizes the multi-network integration of audio broadcasting, video monitoring and computer network, but also its personalized and intelligent product design, which makes the network staying in concept for a long time and truly achieves practical purposes.
Generally, the broadband of the local area network is 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps, which is calculated according to the bandwidth occupied by 0.1 Mbps of each layer of the program. It can transmit dozens or hundreds of sets of programs simultaneously. In practical applications, the audio transmission conditions on the network are mature. No matter where you broadcast, what kind of network is built, as long as the base and TCP|IP protocol network basic protocol, you can achieve network broadcast.
Similar to universities, primary and secondary schools, intelligent buildings, highways, shopping malls, park squares, village-to-village broadcasts, large and medium-sized factories and enterprises, etc., this IP network broadcast can be used.

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