·Yangzijiang pure electric bus quality certification honor

On November 19th, the 22nd UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech, Morocco, came to a close. The first batch of Chinese-made pure electric buses that were exported overseas and formed into operation, from November 6 to 19, 2016, lasted 14 days, all day long, and tens of thousands of passengers were transferred to complete the 22nd UN Climate Conference. Service mission, the whole team vehicle operation is zero failure.
Yangzijiang pure electric bus, vying for the motherland, vying for the Chinese passenger car, vying for China's new energy vehicles! After the climate conference, the vehicles will return to Marrakesh bus operation and fulfill the services of the local citizens. duty of!

Collector Nozzle

Collector Nozzle
The Collector belongs to a part of the Ladle Slide Gate Plate. Collector Nozzles for ladles are made from corundum, bauxite, flake graphite, anti-oxidants and phenolic resins. They show features of excellent thermal shock resistance, stable performance, good corrosion and erosion resistance,

and strong cracking resistance.

Anyang Jinrong Company is a professional manufacturer of refractory materials,mainly produce Zirconia Insert , Zirconia Tundish Nozzle ,Tundish Upper Nozzle,Tundish Lower Nozzle,Tundish Well Block,Submerged Entry Nozzle,Ladle Nozzle,Ladle Upper Nozzle , Ladle Lower Nozzle, Ladle Slide Gate Plate,Porous Plug.Over the past 28 years, our company have become a leading refractory manufacturer at home and abroad.

Perfect business philosophy and strong production equipment, make the company become stronger.All the staff have established the ANYANG JINRONG brand with the supremacy of integrity,excellent quality and service, made outstanding contributions to the development of iron and steel industry in China and even in the word .

Collector Nozzle,Clearance Collector Nozzle,Inner Nozzle And Collector,Collector Nozzle In Powder Coating Feed