You need to pay attention to these seven points when installing an outdoor wireless bridge.

Some friends have reported that there will be some problems when installing the wireless bridge, either the signal is not good, or the power supply is unstable, etc., then we will look at the wireless bridge installation precautions today.
Since all bridge devices are powered by POE, it is extremely important to correctly connect POE power supply boxes, wireless bridges, IP cameras, etc.; bridge devices are designed to be waterproof and dustproof, and waterproof in the cable joints. Dust-proof treatment.
Wireless bridge installation seven items
1. Do a good job of rainproof, dustproof and insulation treatment. The network cable connection part of the bridge, POE and network camera needs to be protected from rain and dust. The connector part of the network cable and the bridge generally needs to be wrapped with two or three layers of waterproof tape. Try not to expose the crystal head; the connection between the network cable and the network camera It is also necessary to wrap two or three layers of waterproof tape or insulating tape; all power connector parts should be insulated as much as possible.
2. Installation and fixing of bridge equipment. When installing the bridge, first fix the bracket. If the bracket is unstable, it will directly affect the stability of microwave signal transmission. When fixing the bridge to the bracket, fix the bridge firmly according to the fixing method in the figure below. When installing, because the surface of the bracket is relatively smooth, if the U-clamp is tightened directly with a nut, it may take a long time, the outdoor rainwater soaking bracket The surface will rust and the contact between the U-clamp and the bracket will be relaxed.
When installing, it is necessary to put a rubber band on the bracket to make a close contact with the U-clamp. The antenna of the device needs to be aligned during installation to ensure high sensitivity of the received signal and stable transmission signal. As shown below:

3. Wire selection and length control. Control the length of the network cable to ensure the transmission effect. For a better twisted pair (network cable), the effective transmission distance is 100m, CAT5e or CAT6. Since the bridge uses POE power supply, the network cable not only carries the data stream but also supplies power to the bridge. Therefore, the network cable is too long or the material is poor. The connection between the bridge and the POE should use CAT5e or CAT6 type lines as much as possible, and the length should be controlled within 25m.
  Note: Generally, using CAT5e or CAT6 cable to transmit 100m data flow means that the distance from the LAN port of the POE power supply box to the camera or switch is 100m (as shown in Figure 1); however, due to different field environments, the POE power supply box may be installed in In the CCTV electrical box far from the monitoring center or the computer room, use fiber transmission from the POE power supply box to the monitoring center or the computer room (Figure 2).
Figure 1:

Bridge and POE connection part of the network cable should not be too long, it is recommended to use CAT5e or CAT6 type cable, the length should not exceed 25m to avoid power shortage; POE and network camera, switch, NVR and other equipment connection part of the network cable should not exceed 100m to avoid network signal attenuation. Figure 2:
Figure II:

When the data transmission port of the POE is far away from the monitoring center or equipment room (more than 100m), optical fiber transmission is recommended.
Figure 3:

At present, there are two main POEs recommended, one is a modular POE with an external DC power input, and the other is a voltage-regulated POE with an internal integrated transformer using an AC 220V voltage input (Figure 3).
Special Note: Regardless of which POE is used, the interface definition is uniform. The network port labeled “DATA IN” on the POE can be connected to network cameras, switches, computers and other network devices, and the network labeled “P + DATA OUT”. Be sure to connect the bridge device to the port. When connecting, you need to pay attention to avoid accidental burning of the device.
4. The correct connection of network devices such as bridges, POE power supply boxes, network cameras or switches. There are usually three interfaces on the POE power supply box: the power interface (usually DC DC input), the POE network port (used only to connect the RJ45 port of the bridge device), the network port or the LAN port (can be connected to any Ethernet port based Network equipment, such as: network cameras, switches, routers, computers, NVR, etc.).
5, network cable production standards and their type selection. The current production standards for network cables are generally produced in accordance with the definition of national standards. It is recommended to use the mainstream T568B class line standard to make network cables. The standards are as follows:
T568B: white orange, orange, white green, blue, white blue, green, white brown, brown
The bridge device adopts POE power supply. It is recommended to use the national standard T568B line sequence to make the network cable. Since all network devices are adaptive Ethernet ports, it is strongly recommended to use the national standard T568B when connecting the bridge device to the POE or the switch to connect the POE. The straight line (that is, the two ends of the network cable are the line order of the national standard T568B).
6, lightning protection. The bridge equipment is generally installed in an outdoor open space, and lightning protection measures are required. The lightning protection circuit is built in the equipment itself, and the lightning protection grounding terminal (GND) is reserved outside the equipment. The correct lightning protection grounding method is: the lightning rod of the fixed bridge is generally installed, and the grounding terminal of the bridge needs to use a copper core wire (usually 4mm2) to connect with the lightning protection line to access the earth.
7. Feeder connector processing. For outdoor high-power bridge equipment, because the transmission distance is far away, an external antenna needs to be installed, and a feeder connection is needed between the antenna and the device. At this time, all the feeder connection equipment and the connector part of the antenna should be protected from rain and dust. It is necessary to wrap two or three layers of waterproof tape or insulating tape, and try not to expose the feeder connector part to the air.

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