· "Yue Xiang V7 main attack after 80" Dialogue Changan Automobile President Zhang Baolin

Reporter: How is the market positioning of Yuexiang V7?

Zhang Baolin: We have positioned it as a “sports technology A-class sedan”, and consumers are mainly after 80-85.

Reporter: Compared with Yidong, what advantage does Yuexiang V7 have?

Zhang Baolin: According to our analysis, the highlights of the car's shape, space, lengthening, fuel economy and safety are among the best in the A-class sedan. We call it “Class A”. The flagship model of the car." Its size is very close to the movement, the price is not announced, it is hard to say, anyway, the price will be cheaper than the escape.

Reporter: In view of the current poor sales of the old Yuexiang series brand models, how does Yuexiang V7 break through the sales mark?

Zhang Baolin: We expect the monthly sales of this car to be 15,000-20,000. The compact car market in China is very large. There are enough products for us to make product subdivision. The so-called mid-level car has the world, which is also ours. Changan is eager for it. Regardless of sales volume or product benefits, we are building our Yuexiang V7 products in strict accordance with the standards of the joint venture.

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